Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Reds

I would like to be in love. But maybe it's not a good idea. Maybe just in lust. That seems to hold less potential for heartbreak.

Until then, I've compiled songs into a playlist to win over a pretend boyfriend. That's okay if you don't understand what that means - we can talk later.

The Shins - Caring is Creepy
Camera Obscura - French Navy
The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
Paul Simon - You Can Call me Al
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere
Crystal Stilts - Shattered Shine
The Darlings - If This is Love
Tegan and Sara - Not Tonight
Pinback - Penelope
Joy Division - Love will Tear us Apart
The Smiths - Panic
Antlers - Two
Carla Bruni - Quel qu'un M'a Dit
Eric Bachman (Archers of Loaf) - Web in Front
She and Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Adel Bengo - Pilot Can at the Queer of God
Black Lips - Transcendental Light
The Joy Formidable - Whirring
Wolf Parade - I'll Believe in Anything
Slingshot Dakota - Until the Day I Die pt. 2

Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh hi there!!

WELLL! Exams. That's all I have to say.

In the mean time, let's talk music.

I'm enjoying this track alot, Local Natives - Airplanes (this is a link to their myspace). I listened to the whole album - it's decent. They've got an Animal Collective feel to them, mixed with the airy-ness of Neon Indian, but more pop-sounding. This song, however, blows the entire album out of the water, and I was a bit disappointed in their whole album based on my expectations from this song. It's worth checking out, though.

While checking out some reviews about Local Natives, I stumbled upon Nurses. Totally up my alley of magical, lovely, weird-sounding experimental synthy-folk music. WOW - that's a genre, for ya'. Anyways, check out their track, Caterpillar Playground. I'll let you know what I think of their album, which was apparently recorded in the attic that this threesome live in together! I WANT TO LIVE IN AN ATTIC!

KAY time to watch some movies - Control, 24 hour party people, or the story of the Ramones? Think I've got a theme in mind???

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Landing of my Jacket

So I did include Thao Nguyen in my last post, but only one song. I failed to mention how incredible their album "We Brave Bee Stings and All" truly is. I suggest listening to the full album, and I guarantee, no matter what mood you are in, you will feel good (or better) after listening.

If funds are tight, and album purchasing is not an option, check out their myspace.

Now get out and go dance. Or at least bob your head.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


End of weekend blues?

Only thing to get me through it is a wicked play list! Here are but a few tracks that I couldn't get enough of this week:
The Antlers - Sylvia
The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High
Thao Nguyen - Bag of Hammers
The XX - Heart Skipped a Beat
Elliott Brood - Miss You Now

Blargh blargh. Back to the grind. Hated.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Been so long

It has been so long since I have blogged. I have lots to share with you, but most importantly is to express how much this song rules.

Anya Marina - Whatever You Like (T.I. cover)

This song is so sexy. Bottom line. That's all.

Check out Anya Marina, from LA - she has a beautiful, breathy voice with cool, semi-dancey beats.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 31st plans?

Where else to be this Saturday than Top of the World's annual Halloween jam! We usually do it at Babylon, but this year we're moving to Ritual Nightclub over on Besserer downtown. Bit of a bigger space (two levels), hopefully not as crammed! But I don't doubt all the cool kids will find their ways their! $5 with a costume, $20 without! Dress up and come have a drink. Get there early, as I'd suspect there'll be a line!

DJ Illo and Drastik will be spinning, while some other someones I am not familiar with will be doin' their thing in the lounge (I should probably be more informed). The flyer says Scotch Bonnet Soundcrew, feat. Ray Ray. Couldn't find an accurate myspace link. SAWRY!

COOME COME COME! You'll see me there - I sort of like to party...


I haven't blogged in quite a while. Sorry for the lack of interest in the internet and music, etc. Hopefully this should make up for it.

In preparation for Halloween, and in true harvest nature, I spent last Sunday Carving pumpkins, making candy apples, and roasting pumpkin seeds!!
Pumkpkin carving!!!
Sticky, delicious candy apples! Homemadeeee
Pumpkin seeds!! Crunch crunch!
Final product! Owl, and drinking orange juice from cartons??! FUN!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

run away

I never liked Camera Obscura too much, but something has drawn me to them more over the past month, and now I want them all the time.

Sad, sad love is how I would categorize their music.

I Need to find someone to travel with; run away with. I'm going to fall in love with adventure, and go places with him.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Heartbroken Innocence

Can someone please go take me to see this, already?..

I'm so sad.

You know what I love?

On a day like today, when you're hungover as hell, and your vision's blurry as fuck, you really can't do much more than to laugh at yourself.

Biking to school today, I couldn't help but smile. I am seriously in love with autumn. I love how the wind was blowing all the leaves down and my tires were biking over piles and piles of yellow and red and orange.

In mentioning things I love, I'd really like to say there is nothing that makes me more happy than my bicycle, named, not after, but inspired by, Ringo Star. Riding Ringo, every day. Ha.

I also love my camera. I got photos back from my trip to Paris from fucking ever a go. Holding a photo of the fucking eiffle tower made me so excited, I couldnt help but smile to myself. Fuck, I want Paris so bad right now.

To conclude of this, I love Slingshot Dakota. They are so simple, and frivolous, and lovely with saddness. The epitimy (spelling?) of everything I feel right now.

I think I'm going to go take some photos outside right now. I want to just sit in a pile of leaves and never, ever move.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bright Lights

Can't stay focussed.
Heart, heart, heart. Nothing makes sense and I'm so selfish.
Listen, listen to childish noises.

Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sugar Daddy

Alex McGill is my best fweind in da world. She is almost my complete opposite, but I love and adore err'thang about her! WOOT!

An Often Occurance

runny nose,
knows bleeds
gushed from the veins of a true believer –
hopeless romantic;

raining on our skin
pressed together
through bones
holding possessions;
so superficial.

running legs
bloody elbows
gushed from the veins of a storymaker –
hopelessly lost;

imaginary love slept
through ticketed acoustic sets
got to get up to find meaning
laying face down on concrete;
so deceiving.

that's a sleepwalker's nightmare

In love with a banjo

I adore folk music. I love banjos, and fiddles, acordians, harmonicas, and those little drums that you play with the softs sticks? You know what I mean! Indie folk/folk pop/brit folk would probably be my favourite type of music. Ha - I hate categorizing music. Too difficult.

Among The Cave Singers, and The Wooden Sky that I have recently blogged about, here are some other musical acts that get me stompin' my feet 'round the farmyard. (what?)...

Just stumbled across this British act Mumford and Sons. I think I might have a new music crush. Sigh..
Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man

(The Dodos aren't quite folk, but this song strums a pretty folky chord in my heart of music.)
The Dodos - Walking

The Tallest man on Earth - Pistol Dreams

Basia Bulat- Gold Rush

Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines


Someone commented on my last post suggesting I check out Air's new track Sing Sang Sung. I don't mind it. I find light, poppy music like that kind of .. what's the word? Empty? Spacey? Blegh? Wish I would think of a better word to describe what I mean. I actually don't mind this track too much, but I wouldn't hit up their new album. I think I actually have some tracks from them from their last album in '07 (was it?)

UM this song has the same title as this track by Peggy Honeywell also called Sing Sang Sung. However, it is quite different. Check it!

Peggy Honeywell - Sing, Sang, Sung (it's her myspace 'cause I couldn't locate a track file)

While I'm here, allow me to post some more tracks I'm into. There is no purpose or point behind these selections, other than pure interest.

Discovery - So Insane

The XX - You've Got the Love (Florence and the Machine cover)
The XX - Basic Space

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Between days

I'm totally stuck on a kick where I can't stop listening to The Cure. Over, and over and over again.

I'm not going to bother posting any songs cause I feel like I've been blogging about them for the past few posts now.

OH Drake just came on. haha - get into it.

Saturday, September 17 - 500 Days of Summer playing at the Mayfair. I know this movie has been out for a while, but I never go to the movies nor do I have TV so I have no idea what's going on anymore. But I finally watched the trailor for that movie, and I'M SO EXCITED TO GO SEE IT! I love tragedies. Hah.


I want a cigarette and a back rub.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Night Playlist


Just ate perogies (spelling) with Brad. I love sour cream - can it be constituted as a snack if you eat if off a spoon?

I also love to eat these songs off of a spoon. MMM delicious!

I know they're not all new, but you need to listen to them, and turn tha fawkin' volume up, bahd.

The Almighty Defenders - Bow Down and Die

Gang Gang Dance - House Jam (HotChip remix)

Japandroids - Wet Hair

The Presets - My People

Crystal Castles - Alice Practice

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Japan, Japan!

original photo cred: Paul LeCdm

Listened to old Japanther today cause they were underneath the Japandroids on my iPod. SO decided to search them and see what they've been up to - anything new?

Check it - it's pretty rad, super catchy and dancey, like er'thang else they got pumpin' through my speakers.

I'm always a fan of covers, so here ya' go! (sorry I couldn't find a better link)

Speaking of The Cure, this is probably one of my favourite songs by them:

The Cure - Close to Me

FUCK YAH! Another Cure cover. I may have blogged about this band a fucking long ass time ago. WHY? They're rad and weird, and I was into them for a while. I like this song. Mellow out and listen after you've danced you hearts out from the two previous songs.


Hell, Bloody Hell

So this track wasn't leaked before the release of their album, Sainthood, and it was hard for me to wait, but here is the first single!

Tegan & Sara - Hell

They will be one tour in the early year - and they've lined up two nights to play at the Bronson Center here in Ottawa. BUT me finks I will go to Montreal, fanks! Ef the Bronson Center.
What else can I say here to distract me further from homework? Hmm...
WELL! My bikeride home tonight was awesome! Post- rain, kind of chilly, all bundled, and a nice cool breeze while I got all warm and sweaty under my knit sweater. OOOO FALL! Love, love, love.
I'm quite restless right now, I'll go find some more music and post something else for you kids.

Remember this?

I used to be obsessed with Saosin (pre-Anthony leaving)!

This is quite a funny little cover that I stumbled upon when searching for some Tegan and Sara (I think this was post Anthony?). Who doesn't love to hold their best friend while this song plays? DO IT!

Saosin - Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover)

While we're on the cover kick, here's a Springsteen cover by my favourite duo, Tegan and Sara.

Tegan & Sara - Dancing in the Dark (Springsteen cover)

KAY work time now! BYEEEE

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's definitely fall

I was walking outside yesterday, and it was just then that I realized how many leaves there were on the ground. It made me very very happy. I want this weather to stay fo' evah, evah.

Here are some of my fall time jams:

The Wooden Sky's new album rules. They're on tour with Elliot Brood right now.

(when they played at Canteen in Ottawa this summer, there was a similar vibe - a bunch of people crammed into a small art gallery, listening to the band play their tunes. It was sooooo nice)

Check out Elliott Brood's myspace, and then go see them play at Mavs in November!

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Edmonton


Friday, October 2, 2009

New, new, nouveau

Don't ask why I'm up at this hour. I don't even know what 8:00 in the morning is.

But while I am up and restless, I decided to post The Joy Formidable's new single, Greyhound in the Slips.

You can go to their myspace to download the single:

While I'm here, I might as well talk about the Great Bloomers. I've heard of these guys before, but never actually listened to their music. These guys are from Toronto, and I'm down with their sound. I think they are on the same label as The Wooden Sky, and our little drummer friend, Kip, from The Wooden Sky, also played with them for a bit. FUN.

Lastly, I'm going to see Japandroids this Saturday night. I forget where the venue is, but I'm excited!

And I'm not going to school...


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I want

Not sure if I've already talked about this band, but I do quite love Miracle Fortress. If I could fall in love with a something, it would have to be in the form of this band!

Miracle Fortress - Fortune

Monday, September 28, 2009

Take me to a beach house

If you could take ONE thing to a desert island what would it be?

I'd take the Cave Singers - they constitute as one single thing, right?

Already a huge fan of this trio, the anticipation for their second album was killing me. The new album, Welcome Joy, is so phenomenal that after one listen, it hasn't left the speakers of my stereo. Welcome Joy is just as solid as their first album, Invitation Songs.

Fall in love with this album, then come capture me and take me to your beach house.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


unsown, loose buttons
stripped clothing
draped over banisters
that lead up to your rooftop terrace
the sky hangs
clouds cave
my knees crumble;
embrace my

embrace my
bare my -
(keep walking), dear skin
sleepy, closed eyes
laced up sneakers
to wear to bed,
scuff-marked soles
of heals dug deep into plywood floors
creaking as we make our way between
my abandoned house of reveries;
tongue curled amid clenched teeth,
pointed elbows jolted,
bone-straight fists,
scared to sleep alone
against washed-up heartbeats.

I bid you a goodnight.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just got Inked

I'm not one for posting any blog entries about myself, but I just got my first tattoo, and I'm super stoked! Done by Paul at New Moon in Orleans, I am reallllllly happy with the end result.

Check it

Slingshot my heart

From Brooklyn, NY, this duo pretty much rocks. Check out my favourite track "Until the Day I Die"
(which, coincidentally I couldn't find a link to the track - sorry)

poor guy

What's this guy's name? Either way, without Garfield in the comics, his life seems SUPER depressing, and he for surely seems insane.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


im so tired
my blog lacks substance

i have been going non stop for weeks now. toronto last week, party this weekend, montreal next weekend.

i have nothing good to say right now.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


runny nose
nose bleeds
gushed from the veins of a true believer –
hopeless romantic;

raining on our skin
thunderstorms through my bones
trucks pressed together
holding possessions;
so superficial.

imaginary love slept through
ticketed acoustic sets
got to get up to find meaning
laying face down on concrete;
so deceiving.

running legs
bloody elbows
gushed from the veins of a story maker –
hopelessly lost;

that's a sleepwalker's nightmare.

Felt different

Last night was the Flying Lotus show at Babylon. I hadn't been to Babylon in forever, and I was stoked to be there for this show. It was a good time, lots of people there, but not too packed with annoying kids. From Cali, this DJ spun original beats that made me feel like I wasn't partying in Ottawa - too sick.

Ottawa Style Mag was there too snapping photos for the magazine as well as for their blog. I met Tracie last night, check out her fashion blog at

Check out Flying Lotus' myspace for a taste of sex.

i love thunderstorms

It's been a good two days off so far. Yesterday the sun was shining and the wind was blowing - perfect for sailing. I got to be on a boat aaaalll day, just swimming and tanning in Chelsea.

And today, waking up to a thunderstorm with the cool breeze hitting my skin while I'm still in bed - incredible. I love thunderstorms, and plan to stay in bed for as long as I possibly can today.

Monday, June 29, 2009

happy for you

shaky knees with elbows bent 'round waists;
her skirt held high
reaching the ends of his barren collar
worn desert boots rumble chipped wood planks
stepping on her blackened canvas shoes,
they both let the good life s(l)eep
between their toes;
a transfer of music notes
passing through cracked lips,
dancing their way across broken bones
air stuck tight to heavy, dry lungs
gasping for breaths in between laughter and shouts
singing louder than the bass guitar can strum;

let’s see you dance

When you're in love, you're in love

The Joy Formidable are a trio from the UK. I can't help but feel in love when I listen to their music. Check out this video, and just try not to enjoy yourself while you watch it.

Check out their myspace for their full 8 track album

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday Night Lights

So, after a hard night of partying the night previous, our Friday was spent at the Bingo Hall in Vanier.
Bingo dabbers ready, we pranced in there, not knowing what to expect.

The regulars were intense!

Can you pick us out amongst all the people 40+ ?

It was quite the happening night. This lady to my right was very helpful. Her husband was amazing and hilarious, and kept flirting with the lady who sold tickets!

None of us won, unfourtunately. Boo.
We did eat delicious food, though - Whistle dog and some cheesy nachos! NAST!

Fuck da clubs. We got Bingo on our side!

On a boat

From Portland, Oregan, emerges a dance-party duo that goes by the name of Yacht. Creating good beats to keep your hips shaking and your head bobbing (that word seems to be quit a sticker these days - bob), their jams are a unique addition to the electro-dance scene.

Here's their single "Psychic City"

Or check them out on myspace

I can't get enough of...

In rememberance of Michaal Jackson, here is an awesome Discovery cover of "I want you back" by Jackson 5

Here's another sick song - "Carby"

And lastly, Discovery's version of "Can you tell" by Ra Ra Riot

SO INLOVE. Check out their full LP. It's quite summertime, that's for sure!

Who's that girl?

Sorry for the lackage in posts on this world wide web.
I know this is old news, but I'm totally popping a bobby for this Robyn cover. Yelle gives me a serious girl boner.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ga Ga weekend, II

To kick off Ga-Ga weekend 2, tonight at the Atomic Rooster

Rock and Roll Pizza Party.

Live Music.

The Visitors

Mother's Children

The Walnut Kids (from montreal)

The Sedatives

doors at 9


Hopefully no bail

Passion Pit just got schedualed to play at Zaphods, for the THIRD time now. Hopefully this show doesn't get cancelled. The date for the show is August 12. It's funny, because on their myspace, the location is labelled Zaphod's, but the town is listed at Toronto. Bastards.
Tickets for this show are available at Endhits.

Also, really soon, The Great Lake Swimmers are on tour promoting their new album "Lost Channels". Their Ottawa show is schedualed for July 19, and they're playing at the First Baptist Church on Laurier. You can get tickets at Endhits on Dalhousie.

My only issue for that evening, is a friend's band, Dead and Devine, are playing a show on that exact evening! They just finished recording a new, full lenght album as well. They've been on tour since the beginning of June with Misery Signals. MORAL DILEMNA!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My week

WestFest in Westboro this weekend. Hopefully the weather is beautiful. I will bike there.

Sunday night - The Acorn. This ottawa band will probably be amazing live. Excited.

Oh Monday

Long weekend. Good weather. Biking, cottage, bug bites, camp fire, hotboxing, shots, and dancing.

Mondays are "recovery" days. But with summer, there is no time for down time.
I sufficiently got through today wearing an amazing red adidas jacket and my favourite gold bangle with hidden heart imprins. Love, love.
After work I enjoyed a drink with some friends, and on my bike ride home, decided to step into the Manx of Elgin for some tasty food. To my luck, there was some live music, and I instantly fell in love with Pat LePoidevin.

Although his myspace is nothing in comparison to his live perfomance, it's still worth listening to.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

been a way for a while

Hey, street walker,
Come walk over here.
We’ll make a puppet show with our socks
Filling in the gaps between our teeth
With candy and ice cream treats

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I love my bike. Thanks to Brian who found it in the garbage in Orleans (those suburbanites know nothing about trendyness! BAH), and Phat Moose for hookin' a brother up with some vintage fenders, I can cruise around my hood in style.


This is my friend Iain. He's a model by day, and wolf by night. Doesn't he look that much better beside my bike?

I love my bike.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teddy Bear

Grizzly Bear's new album dropped..yesterday? Yeah, yesterday. Listening to it. They're nice. Would be great live. OH! They're playing Montreal June 4th - too bad I'm broke and can't make the trip. Either way, press play:

Don't Judge

I actually kind of dig The Fray. Here's a Kanye cover by then. Check it out. I like the lead singer's voice - it makes Kanye's lame song bearable (kill me for sayiing that?)

Monday, May 25, 2009

I want it.

It's going to happen. No matter what anyone says. Just like the mullet.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Poon is the root word of poutine. NO BOYS ALLOWED.

SHH! I'm doing stuff. Alex is asleep beside me. While Emma Grant has her jean jacket on her back - at home. Larissa Also ate a hotdog off the ground that evryone saw. Pictures to follow. Hopefully we still have friends after this. GOOD NIGHT ALEX

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Robot Boyfriend,

I don't care for this Euro-techno business, but this Royksopp song was written about me. "The Girl and the Robot" is basically the title of this little one's life. Too bad the song sucks.

Where are you, robot boyfriend?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another animal

I'm a big fan of Fleet Foxes, so naturally when my friend Dario Louigi introduced White Antelope to me, I instantly enjoyed them. The lead singer from Fleet Foxes puts his indie-folk spin on this side project.

Folky folks rock my soul.

summer fun

I love this month.
It's been a very much blast. Of all the four nights I went out this weekend (wow), Saturday night was solid. I went to a show that my friends' band was playing - and they rock. Emperor Bulash .

Check them out at They are quite a good bunch of entertainers. Not to mention, they are not hard on the eyes :) WHOO-WHOO!

Then I got 1 for 1 cheese pizza. It was instant greesy love.

The we went to The Dominion and drank beers. I made a tower. Thanks.

And obviously, we ended up at Zaphods. Obviously?
Dance dance dance party!!!

Pictures from Myles.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Full album. Listen, listen:

more obsessed?

Can I be more obsessed with Black Hat Brigade right now?

Answer: no.

They're releasing their EP "Fathers" this week, I believe, and as a lead up to it, they are posting a new song on their myspace everyday until the release. Pretty awesome. New songs so far are Kitchen Party and Vera.

They're playing Cafe Dekuf this Friday, and I am very very excited. I think I will purchase 8oo copies of their album. Cool?

The show is at 9pm, this Friday, May 22, and tickets are only 7 bucks. Probably the best 7dollars you will ever spend on a Friday night. They are playing with City of a Hundred Spires (, an Ottawa/Montreal band, and The Death of Apollo (they don't have any songs posted) from Ottawa. It should be a pretty awesome, mellow show.

I'm also excited because I haven't been to a show at Cafe Dekuf in AGES! Probably for 2 years now.

Also, happy long weekend. I hope it was as eventful as mine. Those are all the details you need to know.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get ready

For Passion Pit's new album release, set to drop May 19th. Their EP, Chunk of Change, thoroughly satisfied my electro-synthy-indie-pop (I am just making up genres now!) cravings as far as music goes, but left me wanting more more more.

Finally, something I can play in my headphones over and over again.

Also, while scoping Passion Pit, I came across this Ra Ra Riot remix by Passion Pit. We already know I adore Ra Ra Riot, and here they are with one of their tracks mixed with the super-synthy sounds of Passion Pit.

Down with it.

birthday re-cap

Okay, not to talk about it much longer, but last weekend was a fucking trip.

My 20th birthday was the best celebration of May 8th that I have ever had. I spent it with all of my favourite people, my best friends and my favourite faces. I ate fajitas, which is obviously my favourite (amongst many) foods, and drank a fine amount of alcohol, and danced danced dancedddd.
Just a few photos to prove this festivities:

Voila. Et c'est fini.