Monday, October 12, 2009


Someone commented on my last post suggesting I check out Air's new track Sing Sang Sung. I don't mind it. I find light, poppy music like that kind of .. what's the word? Empty? Spacey? Blegh? Wish I would think of a better word to describe what I mean. I actually don't mind this track too much, but I wouldn't hit up their new album. I think I actually have some tracks from them from their last album in '07 (was it?)

UM this song has the same title as this track by Peggy Honeywell also called Sing Sang Sung. However, it is quite different. Check it!

Peggy Honeywell - Sing, Sang, Sung (it's her myspace 'cause I couldn't locate a track file)

While I'm here, allow me to post some more tracks I'm into. There is no purpose or point behind these selections, other than pure interest.

Discovery - So Insane

The XX - You've Got the Love (Florence and the Machine cover)
The XX - Basic Space

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