Monday, June 29, 2009

happy for you

shaky knees with elbows bent 'round waists;
her skirt held high
reaching the ends of his barren collar
worn desert boots rumble chipped wood planks
stepping on her blackened canvas shoes,
they both let the good life s(l)eep
between their toes;
a transfer of music notes
passing through cracked lips,
dancing their way across broken bones
air stuck tight to heavy, dry lungs
gasping for breaths in between laughter and shouts
singing louder than the bass guitar can strum;

let’s see you dance

When you're in love, you're in love

The Joy Formidable are a trio from the UK. I can't help but feel in love when I listen to their music. Check out this video, and just try not to enjoy yourself while you watch it.

Check out their myspace for their full 8 track album

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday Night Lights

So, after a hard night of partying the night previous, our Friday was spent at the Bingo Hall in Vanier.
Bingo dabbers ready, we pranced in there, not knowing what to expect.

The regulars were intense!

Can you pick us out amongst all the people 40+ ?

It was quite the happening night. This lady to my right was very helpful. Her husband was amazing and hilarious, and kept flirting with the lady who sold tickets!

None of us won, unfourtunately. Boo.
We did eat delicious food, though - Whistle dog and some cheesy nachos! NAST!

Fuck da clubs. We got Bingo on our side!

On a boat

From Portland, Oregan, emerges a dance-party duo that goes by the name of Yacht. Creating good beats to keep your hips shaking and your head bobbing (that word seems to be quit a sticker these days - bob), their jams are a unique addition to the electro-dance scene.

Here's their single "Psychic City"

Or check them out on myspace

I can't get enough of...

In rememberance of Michaal Jackson, here is an awesome Discovery cover of "I want you back" by Jackson 5

Here's another sick song - "Carby"

And lastly, Discovery's version of "Can you tell" by Ra Ra Riot

SO INLOVE. Check out their full LP. It's quite summertime, that's for sure!

Who's that girl?

Sorry for the lackage in posts on this world wide web.
I know this is old news, but I'm totally popping a bobby for this Robyn cover. Yelle gives me a serious girl boner.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ga Ga weekend, II

To kick off Ga-Ga weekend 2, tonight at the Atomic Rooster

Rock and Roll Pizza Party.

Live Music.

The Visitors

Mother's Children

The Walnut Kids (from montreal)

The Sedatives

doors at 9


Hopefully no bail

Passion Pit just got schedualed to play at Zaphods, for the THIRD time now. Hopefully this show doesn't get cancelled. The date for the show is August 12. It's funny, because on their myspace, the location is labelled Zaphod's, but the town is listed at Toronto. Bastards.
Tickets for this show are available at Endhits.

Also, really soon, The Great Lake Swimmers are on tour promoting their new album "Lost Channels". Their Ottawa show is schedualed for July 19, and they're playing at the First Baptist Church on Laurier. You can get tickets at Endhits on Dalhousie.

My only issue for that evening, is a friend's band, Dead and Devine, are playing a show on that exact evening! They just finished recording a new, full lenght album as well. They've been on tour since the beginning of June with Misery Signals. MORAL DILEMNA!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My week

WestFest in Westboro this weekend. Hopefully the weather is beautiful. I will bike there.

Sunday night - The Acorn. This ottawa band will probably be amazing live. Excited.

Oh Monday

Long weekend. Good weather. Biking, cottage, bug bites, camp fire, hotboxing, shots, and dancing.

Mondays are "recovery" days. But with summer, there is no time for down time.
I sufficiently got through today wearing an amazing red adidas jacket and my favourite gold bangle with hidden heart imprins. Love, love.
After work I enjoyed a drink with some friends, and on my bike ride home, decided to step into the Manx of Elgin for some tasty food. To my luck, there was some live music, and I instantly fell in love with Pat LePoidevin.

Although his myspace is nothing in comparison to his live perfomance, it's still worth listening to.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

been a way for a while

Hey, street walker,
Come walk over here.
We’ll make a puppet show with our socks
Filling in the gaps between our teeth
With candy and ice cream treats