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Woods - To Clean

ásgeir trausti - leyndarmál

The Cave Singers - Swim Club

Tegan and Sara - How Come You Don't Want Me

You wore wool socks today, too. I blasted these fours.

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What I have been listening to lately, and what you should as well:

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I have never been a huge fan of Kid Cudi, but when I heard his latest track, I flipped. The beat and vocals are infectious, it has moved right up there with my repeated songs along with Frank Ocean.

"Just What I Am" is the first single off of Kid Cudi's upcoming album titled Indicud. I'm curious to hear the full album.


I might have an addiction. To Bruce Spingsteen.

I may have created an entire playlist dedicated solely to covers of "I'm On Fire." Although no one does it better than The Boss himself, I do a few top picks for Bruce covers. It was a close tie between White Arrows' version and the cover by Chromatics. I have been obsessed with the Chromatics' rendition of I'm On Fire for a couple of years, and it is undoubtedly on almost every one of my 'feel-good' playlists.

The version that is on repeat every morning while I get ready would have to be this one by a good friend of mine, Travis Lefebvre, a very talented musician (and not to mention highly attraction male). Travis is part of a great musical group (troupe, some might call them), The Richardson Band. I guarantee one listen of Travis' sweet, sweet chops, and your heart will be on fire too.

While browsing Paper Bag Records' list of artists signed to their label, I came across the beautifully-written description of Ottawa-based band, The Acorn. Paper Bag's introduction to the band and their origin from my hometown made me miss Canada's beautiful capital city.

Despite Ottawa being pigeon-holed as a boring government town, its quaint presence and "rural origins linger, drenched in woodsmoke, bar-brawls and glinting saw blades" (Paper Bag Records). The culture doesn't hit you in the face as you enter the city, but being deep within it was much more rewarding.

While living in Ottawa, I created a very close bond with the arts and music culture that the city had to offer. Artists and musicians from the small city were always being compared to those living and working out of Montreal, or Toronto, and although Ottawa is a much smaller pond, I never felt uninspired by the artists I was surrounded with.

Enjoy this video and song by fellow Ottawaians, The Acorn.

Also, great video directed by talented filmmaker, Graham Rapsey.

I had forgotten about Small Black for a while, but recently with my IPod playing on shuffle, this track came on. I find this song so addictive, and the video by Nick Bentgen, is perfectly menacing yet romantic in a playful way.


I have been in Toronto for just over a month now. It has been a great experience moving to a new city where I know only a handful of people. This was exactly what I needed at this point in my life.

Tonight I stumbled upon this band, Lowell. I still have yet to really find out much about the band, other than they are associated with Apparatjik, the supergroup featuring members from Coldplay, A-ha, and Mew. It's no wonder the Lowell sound is both raw and refined.

Follow Lowell on Twitter and Facebook, and keep your eye out for touring locations! Fingers crossed for a Toronto show in the future.

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