Tuesday, August 26, 2008

auro voir!

I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to Mission, B.C. I'm super excited. My uncle's flying me out there, and I'm staying with him and his family. I'll take some time to go into Vancouver and see some friends, too, but mainly I'm just excited to get out of here.

I'm flying alone for the first time, I'm excited.

Currently my Ipod is frozen, I will pray to the gods tonight that it dies, and then works fine tomorrow for the plane ride. If it does not, I may have to cry.

A bientot!!!! (sorry, I don't have a french keyboard!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Millie

It;s just a novelty, I;m sure, but I;m quite obsessed with Lil Wayne these days.

Just look at him - how can you NOT love him!

my five

My best friend, Alex, left for Montreal this morning! I saw her last on Saturday afternoon, only for a few hours. It was so crazy - it didn't sink in that she was leaving the city untill RIGHT when i dropped her off at home. I gave her a hug, and just started to cry.
I love you McGill, don;t worry - I will get My5 soon!

back in action

My blog is sad. It is so lacking in anything worth reading, it is so not updated that it is practically dead.


First, we need a little life re-cap.

And so we will begin!

I lived the cottage life for a few days at Sarah G's cottage only a half hour away with the love of my life, Twatson, and our lovely fit immigrant friend, Igor. The Adventure included cottage party, canoeing, cliff (or more like rock) jumping naked, and finding a hidden little stream off the lake. ALSO almost capsizing our kayak, that Igor and I were far too heavy for! HA!

Was the perfect escape from the city, and made me truly appreciate this beautiful province we live in.

At the beginning of August, my bestest friend in the world swept me away to Montreal for a last minute shopping trip. We left late Tuesday night, and arrived in Montreal a good 3 hours later! We got lost (don't ask HOW i got lost driving to fucking montreal, but it happened!) and ended up taking the old highway all the way there. Which was actually so amazing, because we drove through all these beautiful little towns. I wish we got pictures of that trip, because it was seriously the high light of the whole thing for me - three hour car ride with my best friend, just jamming to music, and looking at the beautiful open road.

We stayed with some friends, and went to Fouf's that night - was NOT busy at all, and there were MAYBE 4 good looking people in the entire bar. But we got pitchers, and the 4 of us got a good lil grove goin'.

I ended up scoring two vintage finds the next day while shopping down Mont Royal. Old Gold - whats up!

My weeks to follow have included working, and drinking, and drinking, and dancing, and working. And the occasional quiet night in the hometown!

...but mostly drinking...

So, now, brings me, basically, to this point.

The present.