Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hopefully no bail

Passion Pit just got schedualed to play at Zaphods, for the THIRD time now. Hopefully this show doesn't get cancelled. The date for the show is August 12. It's funny, because on their myspace, the location is labelled Zaphod's, but the town is listed at Toronto. Bastards.
Tickets for this show are available at Endhits.

Also, really soon, The Great Lake Swimmers are on tour promoting their new album "Lost Channels". Their Ottawa show is schedualed for July 19, and they're playing at the First Baptist Church on Laurier. You can get tickets at Endhits on Dalhousie.

My only issue for that evening, is a friend's band, Dead and Devine, are playing a show on that exact evening! They just finished recording a new, full lenght album as well. They've been on tour since the beginning of June with Misery Signals. MORAL DILEMNA!

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