Thursday, January 28, 2010


This video is so full of rich, beautiful images backed up by powerful and passionate music and lyrics. Check out Laura Marling's newest video Devil's Spoke.
(Thanks James Earl Jones)

thumb to index
finger frame
mossy engines roar
abandoned automobiles
grassy lot
petals plucked
purely for a picture's place
under eyelashed examination

Blistered Fingers

I've been playing my guitar more lately, and thanks to a set of new strings put on by that good man Davey over at Space Man Music, I haven't been more happy to play it! Last night I looked up the chords for Gone for Good by the Shins, and tried to learn it. With the help from my roommate Jackson, I was able to make it actually sound good tonight!! I'm very excited to keep on learning. Hopefully once my fingertips blister over, I'll be more inclined to play for longer periods of time! :P

The Shins - Gone for Good (acoustic)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No water

I'm pissed. I try to go to school on time, and when I wake up, there is no goddamn water in my apartment. I swear to God I will kill those construction mother fuckers downstairs.


I've been tired of everything new and recent being talked about over the past 3 months. I admit, I am into the new shit that's been going around, but I am getting bored of all that airy, electro-meets-indie simple-sounding musical business that's being so heavily blogged about. So this morning, I searched for some harder, more edgy, more substantial-sounding jams. This is what I've come across so far:

The ZEROS - Wild Weekend
From California in the late 70s, this raw, garage-punk band was known as the "Latino Ramones."

Check out this awesome clip of the ZEROS performing on a San Diego television show in 1977. Jesus, rare.

The Darling Buds - It's All up to You
From the Blondie era of the late 80s, this woman-fronted band from the UK got lots of locale radio air-play, but eventually broke up due to their lack of commercial exposure. This song is so pop-y, and dancey, I just love it.

Dum Dum Girls - Blank Girl
(Thanks Finner!)

(this post was started on Tuesday, but I never got around to finishing it until now)


Mondays are nice. I like Mondays. Especially when you start the day by talking to someone who puts a smile on your face. That helps to make any day of the week feel like Thursday (that's my favourite day, I think). And Mondays are always great when you end them with awesome hang outs with the greatest girls ever. I went for Vietnamese with Slitt and Eggy, and then after spending the rest of our lives in Shoppers, decided to die my hair. Yup, I've got me some red hairs now. COOL!!

Mondays are the MOST best when they are ended by listening to great music. My friend M. Tamblyn shared a pretty amazing video with me tonight. Check out the video for For Agent 13 by the Besnard Lakes. I don't really know much else about them, other than they are Canadian, and from Montreal. Check out the video - I enjoy the original concept, and the potential for the images to have meaning. I find most music videos don't offer the potential for images to create an emotional connection with their story line. ANYWAYS! Blah, blah - watch it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ten Gold Stars

SO I have been super lazy about this blog. I just feel like no one REALLY cares about what I write, so what's the point. BUT, despite my lack on initiative to share my life with the internet world, I do love to share my music finds.

Music makes everything better.

Below is what I have been listening to lately. Mostly recent stuff from 09/10 releases, but also some older stuff.

Anyways, less chat, more playlist. GO!

Woods - Some Shame

Elvis Perkins - Hey

Emil & Friends - Sleepyhead (remix) (I know, this one's a bit of an oldy)

Cymbals Eat Guitars - And the Hazy Sea

Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the Movement

Mint Chicks - Hot on your Heels (Youtube)

Vampire Weekend - Cousins (Youtube) - My favourite song on this album is actualy Giving up the Gun, but couldn't find the link.

If you are having trouble downloading singles, you may need an extractor, like WinZip to download these files. Hopefully they work. If not, check out the bands' myspaces, or pick up their records at your local record stores!