Sunday, February 28, 2010


Going to see Wilco on Monday at the NAC with my friend Claire!! Very excited to see them live! I feel they are one of those bands you only love more once you've seen them play live! Should be amazing

Thursday, February 25, 2010



So so so so so excited!! Let's all go together, and make it a magical night!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mr. Vile, the guitar master

Kurt Vile played Babylon on Tuesday night, with the Holy Cobras opening for him. I had a chance to ask Kurt a few questions, this is how it went:

Daycaller: So, you just did your first half of the tour with Fucked Up? How was that?

Kurt Vile: It was awesome. They rule, they're super nice. And you might think that some of the fans would be, like, "Get the fuck off the stage!" But, um, they were nice - I don't know what it is. Especially Canada, we got the Montreals packed. And we played Quebec last night - it was pretty cool. We will be with Fucked Up in Toronto, their home town, in a 900-cap venue.

DC: Yeah, I was kind of bummed out that Fucked Up didn't come to Ottawa with you.

Kurt: Yeah, they were tired, they needed some sleepies.

DC: I know. Being a solo artist, do you find you get influenced by the bands that you bring on tour with you?

Kurt: A little bit. I was going to come with a full band for this. But then I was in my car for the first leg with my friend Rob, who was there, who is my best friend - we were born on the same day -

DC: What day?

Kurt: January 3, 1980. And I was in the car. And, well, there was different reasons, but there were financial reasons why I was like, I'm just going to stay in my car, and I'm going to go with Rob. 'Cause - this was interesting - in the middle of the tour, was Philly, where I live. After Chicago, we played Baltimore, and I drove home to Philly after the gig - I slept in my bed, played a Philly gig, I slept in my bed. Then I played New Jersey, and slept in my bed. Then I went up to New York. I did those three gigs solo 'cause Rob needed to recover, he was feeling sick, and then I met Rob up in Boston, and we kept going. So we're still in my little car that I own so there would be no expenses.

DC: Tell me about the difference between creating music for a studio recording, and then performing for an audience.

Kurt: Well, you can't think too much about the recording, 'cause in the past I have, but then it's like kareoke. Especially when you have a full band. You'll play, like, a certain song, like Don't Get Cute, or something. It's cool after a while, but then after a while you're just going through the motions. You shouldn't think too much about the recording, because it's just two different things. And also a recording is just, like, a snapshot, you know? Before you recorded it, it was just this song, but then all of a sudden it's like this snapshot, and then if you think it should always sound like that, that's just kind of silly.

DC: Then do you think you become more honest when you are performing?

Kurt: No it's not more honest. It's honest in recording too, it's just captured ther
e. They're both their own thing.

DC: Totally. Tell me about some of your musical influences?

Kurt: Sure, there's a lot. Right now, it might seem weird, but Joni Mitchell is my favourite. Where is she from in Canada by the way? She's the greatest. Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Suicide, Hank Williams, The Fall, so many. All the greats.

DC: Do you have any influences un-music related that shape your work?

Kurt: Anything inspires you. You could walk down the street and see some urban decay or something...or, like, a book that you're reading...except lately I'm A.D.D.

DC: Are you able to read anything lately?

Kurt: Well, lately it's very loose. White Noise by Don DeLillo I'm reading. I tried to read it. But I haven't finished anything lately. I don't know.

DC: So what's been in your stereo lately?

Kurt: Joni Mitchell, Blue. Joni Mitchell, Ladies of the Canyon! And um, Rob just played this random Suicide song, from later Suicide. It was the best thing we heard all tour. I don't even know what it was about.

DC: What is Rob up to other than touring with you?

Kurt: Yeah, he's in a band called Sore Eros - that's his music.

DC: That's awesome. Is he from Philly too?

Kurt: No, I met him 'cause the only other place I ever lived was Boston, and he was going to college up there. And I was driving a fork lift. But he lived in Connecticut, that's where he is from.

DC: So, kind of unrelated, but I really like your hair. How long have you been growing it for?

Kurt: Um...How long has my hair been long? Since 2003, probably. I think I cut it once. Somebody said I looked like Tom Hanks.

DC: You don't look like Tom Hanks at all!

Kurt: No, I was very pissed. I was like, "Fuck you."

DC: Yeah, seriously. So, being from the states, how do you find your Canadian audiences differ from your American audiences?

Kurt: It's hard to say, I think because I waited so long, I haven't really toured Canada, except for one show in Kingston with Dinosaur Jr. very recently. I think I've had enough records out that there's an underground thing, which was exciting. I didn't know what to expect, people are very enthusiastic in Canada. But people are enthusiastic in most of the big cities [in the states], as well. Everybody's a little different, but the Canadian audiences have been pretty sweet. We played Montreal, and I played the show, and in my mind I was like, "This is the worst set ever, we fucking blew it, we blew it!" And then people were like, "Ah, great set!" So, it's funny what you can "get away with." I'm kind of a perfectionist.

DC: Really? In which ways?

Kurt: I don't know. But I'm getting over it. You'll be like, "ah this sounds insane, this sounds fucked up - my guitar is out of tune." But not every body knows as much as you know.

DC: Yeah, I actually heard great things about your show in Montreal. Last question, what do you hope to contribute to the music scene you are part of?

Kurt: I wouldn't say I'm part of any scene.

DC: No?

Kurt: No. I'm just my own thing. But there's tons of scenes out there, so, I feel like we can be in a lot of "scenes." I feel like we fit into a lot of things, so I feel like the sky's kind of the limit.

Photos by Ben Courtice

I received a Sore Eros demo album last night, and have been pleased with what I've heard. I'll cover them in a later post!


Photo by Ming Wu.

Part of the Bands Undone live shows, The Belle Game played an acoustic set at Canteen Monday evening. It was so amazing to finally hear them play live! On top of them having charisma while performing , it is evident that The Belle Game is formed from a tightly-knit friend group! I had a chance to sit down with Alex, Adam, Andrea, Katrina, and Alisa to get to know these talented young folk!

: With your members being situated between Montreal and Vancouver, did that effect the creation process behind the album?

Andrea: Well, when we recorded the EP, it was still just Adam, Alex and I. We were all in the same city at the same time.

Adam: ..for, like, two months we had together, and we decided to get it out as fast as we could. But since then, the writing's been a lot of e-mail between each other. Luckily Alex and Andrea can visit us sometimes in Montreal.

DC: So in the studio, it was just the three of you then? Was it your first time recording in a studio?

Adam: Yes, just the three of us...

Alex: Yeah, it was mine. And, was it yours?

Andrea: Yeah, I had never really done anything like this before.

DC: How do you feel differently as a creative person in and outside of the studio?

Andrea: More alive while performing. Not tired from twelve hour days stuck in a room with these people (laughs)! It feels way more relaxed [being able to perform in front of an audience]. We don't have long lulls of creating the same thing over and over and over again.

Alex: Yeah, we had this one line, "desire", that just...

Adam: Going into the studio makes you crazy! 'Cause you're there for 13 hours, and you're just drinking black coffee. There's this one line in "The Suitcase Song," (sings) - your desire! That one word I hate so much because I can't say it or sing it properly. So there was a good 4 hours of me going, "er! er!" So it was nice live, even if I mess it up, it's just one time. Then it's done.

DC: Do the songs that you spend so much time perfecting in the studio end up having less meaning when you perform them? Or is it different each time?

Andrea: I think it is different each time.

Alex: For me, I didn't really write the lyrics, right? So once we had them recorded, we would start playing them live, it meant more to me than when we recorded them. And I had that nice feeling of being in the studio with these guys.

Andrea: Aw, hey, thanks Alex!

DC: That's awesome! So, Adam, I found some of your solo stuff online - it sounds awesome!

Adam: Thank you!

DC: Does anyone else have any other projects, musical or not, happening outside of The Belle Game?

Andrea: Alex has an awesome solo album! He has a full album coming out. It's comparable, I'd say, to City and Colour.

Alex: (laughs) Well I mean, it was a little bit different, because I started recording it early last year, before The Belle Game even started. It's going to be a nine-song album, but it's not coming out until, I think, April. And yeah, City and Colour is a big influence on me. I recorded it in my basement, and then I got it professionally mixed and mastered. It's not studio, but it's going to be good.

DC: That's great!

Adam: Alex wrote and recorded that all on by himself, essentially, and it sounds amazing. It's so impressive that he did it all with his own gear. Figuring it out on his own.

Andrea: Probably one of the most dedicated, hard working artists I know. 'Cause he had the discipline to do it all on his own.

Alex: Yeah, there was a room downstaris where I just set up some studio speakers, a really nice mic, and recorded it almost all on that mic, with some nitty instruments.

DC: That's exciting. I'm definitely going to check you out. Do you have a myspace?

Alex: Yup, it's (also check out

DC: Amazing. Last question, what's next? Creating more music? You guys are touring now, right?

Adam: We're kind of touring. We're playing live a lot now. We finally put a full band together now. We're an eight-piece band now. So lots of show-playing and just song writing.

DC: Are you guys excited? I'm excited to see where The Belle Game goes!

Adam: I am the most excited I have ever been.

DC: That's great to hear! Thank you guys so much! I look forward to following your music.

Make sure to check out Bands Undone to be up on the know on these intimate acoustic shows! Also, check out Inaas' gallery space on Dalhousie.

New Arrivals

Even though there is still snow on the ground, and it is coming down as I speak, Spring clothing has begun to arrive at Top of the World! Here are some of my favourite pieces, for guys and girls, that have already hit the floor!!

Cropped birdy tank, long black vest, and high-waisted denim pencil skirt, all by Insight

Lavender paint-splattered dress by Insight (has hidden pockets! And comes in black and light blue!)

Fox with wings shirt by Insight

bow-tie shirt by WeSC, blue high-waisted ruffle skirt by Insight (comes in lilac as well)

Denim Authentics with floral sole by Vans

Tank and white shorts jumper with drawstring waist (available in light blue as well) by Hurley, short sleeve floral button up by Hurley, grey hoodie by Volcom

Plaid long sleeve button up, dark floral shorts (comes in a light floral as well), and denim jacket all by Hurley

Spring Jacket by Lifetime

Nuns smoking t-shirt by Insight

Shoes by Element

Long sleeve grey button up by Lifetime (available in salmon)

Canvas shoes by Vans (also in navy)

Short Sleeve polo by WeSC (available in grey and white)

Shoes by Gravis

We have a ton more new stuff, and are receiving shipments every day! We also have a bunch of men's and women's clothing that is still 50% off, as well as a bunch of sale shoes!! If you'd like to receive the monthly newsletter to get updated about sales and events, put your name and e-mail address in the comment box. You can also join our Facebook group!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

march 14

Playing in Toronto on Sunday,March 14, Woods would be an awesome band to see live. I'd hope at least.

Here is a music video for To Clean. I enjoy it. You as well?


If there could be one famous musician I could see myself actually attempting to pursue, it would be Caleb from Kings of Leon. I love all of their music, from old to new, Caleb's voice has intrigued me, and I don't think I've disliked a single song off any album.

I think I'd be too scared to approach any other musician in fear that they'd think I was only doing that because they were in a band, but in this scenario, it would out of genuine interest to have a conversation with him (and possibly kiss his face). With most of the lyrics written by Caleb, I'd be pretty excited to just know what he's about.

Okay I'm starting to sound very very weird. Here's a video off their most recent album, and one of my favourite songs.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tres Belle


My goodness, our generation is so talented. The kind of music that so many young people are capable of making blows me away far too often, it is so inspiring. I am very very excited about The Belle Game. I don't know very much about this band, but I do know that what I hear, I like. They began their work in Vancouver, and now I guess because of where bandmates live, they split their time between there and Montreal. They have just recorded an EP titled "Inventing Letters," which is available on iTunes. I find their sound very refreshing, and reminds me of fireflies dancing in between acoustic guitars and one-piece drum kits! (you know, the kind you play with those soft drum sticks?)

The Belle Game are around on Monday, playing a show at Canteen on Dalhousie on Monday around 6 I believe. I will for sure be skipping my last class to go witness their beautiful music in a lovely art gallery! Please join.

The Belle Game - Shoulders and Turns

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't go, I'll eat you up, I love you so

Okay, I can't believe it took me that long to see that movie. It was magnificent and sad and magical and exciting and lonely. I loved it. I downloaded the whole soundtrack by Karen O and the Kids. Fantastic.

Karen O and the Kids - Worried Shoes

will you be my


Spent the whole day in bed with a fever and headache. Throwing up all night the night before doesn't really have good effects on your body. I dislike being sick.

Sleeping is nice though. I think I've had a few pretty interesting dreams so far this afternoon. I've also been enjoying Where the Wild Things Are, as I have never seen it before. I guess I'd say Max is my valentine!

Here's a mini pretend-you're-in-love mix for this sad Sunday I'm spending alone.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home

The Paper Cranes - I'll love you until my veins explode

Basia Bulat - Before I knew

Atlas Sound - Walkabout (ft. Noah Lennox)

Coeur de Pirate - Comme des enfants

Bon Iver - Blood Bank

Attack in Black - If all I thought were true

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Painting myself to death

heavy brushstrokes hush your lapse for living;

romancing a poetic life-end:

an escapist dream of cabin-dwelling,

hoarded with hallucinogens to craft the life your brain coddles


wood-stacked walls wage wars with reality

soundly beautiful; lonely

ramped and exciting,

a solitary soul seaming hand-crafted stories and quilts

threading life behind heavy lids

fabricating fantastical feats

from visions of closed-world sleeps;

an existence all its own.

Okay, so I really need feedback on this one. too wordy? I feel like I repeat "life" so many times. I'm open to ideas!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There's a Band in my Cellar

..and I wish it was The Rumour Said Fire. Thanks Young Janes for bringing them to my attention. It's absolute greatness straight from Denmark. It is possible to want to put music inside of you, right? Right there past your skin and under your ribs. Yeah, well, that's exactly where this band is going.

I'll be able to tell you more about them once I learn Danish. Pretty much every bio I have so far come across is in a language I do not understand.

The Rumour Said Fire - Love for the Tortured

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sitting at home, at my desk, drinking delicious tea while jamming to Roky Erickson. I like him. I'm happy I remembered about him.

Roky Erickson - Bloody Hammer

You should read about Roky on The Selvedge Yard. I love this blog so so much, and was turned onto it by my friend Zach, and have been sharing it with everyone I know ever since! I am obsessed with the culture and time periods they cover. The pictures and footage they post is incredible; it makes me wonder how they got their hands on some of the images. Check it out and love it a lot.

Having a roommate that works at Value Village sometimes turns into an evening of being spoiled with vintage goodies. Check out this amazing tan suede bomber I got there last night! I am kind of sitting around in it right now, overheating, but feeling like a total babe. (please ignore the fact that I am wearing jogging pants..)

Okay, I think I've got to go pee now after all of this tea!


The weekend was such beautiful winter weather! I went to Winterlude with my family, and walked around admiring the awesome ice sculptures being carved. Tonight, too I walked through Winterlude and marveled at how beautiful the ice looked all lit up with coloured lights! How easily I am to please.

We got delicious snow taffy!! I LOVE THAT STUFF! At first my brother wasn't interested in it, but then once he tried mine, he quickly got a huge smile on his face and wanted his own. We were definitely running on a sugar high for a solid hour.

After that we were all cold, so we went to the mall. We escaped our parents, and I took him to Ms. Tiggy Winkles. He rules. I bought him Leggo and toy cell phone!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010



Dancing with mama's dearest dreamer

Yeah, yeah, yeah!! Introduced to the Sandwitches last night before going to work, and was instantly put in a great mood. From San Fransisco, California, the Sandwitches' album "How to make ambient sadcake" will make your rump shake while reminding you what it means to be in love with grass and tree branches.

The Sandwitches - Fire

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Try It

SO on this Friday night, glands swollen, fully clothed in bed, lazy as ever, look what a good little equally-as-bored friend shows me:

Now if there is anything I could say about this video is:
a) I fully enjoy the wiener-flailing in those Pink Floyd boxers
b) I want that sexy little weird girl's haircut. Wish I still had my mullet
c) I will get that hair (short version though)
d) this song is too catchhy
e) the video rules too hard for life.

Got anything better than that??

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Road trip

I would love nothing more than to road trip - anywhere. Just drive. It would be so amazing to see so many places in one trip, and to do all the travelling on your own - no reliance on an airplane, or train, or bus driven by a stranger. Just you. And, well, maybe I would being someone else. I think I'd like to share my roadtrip experience with someone.

Here's a playlist to maybe inspire some roadtripping, at least in my mind. Something to allow me to travel away while I still have to be stuck here in Ottawa, at school. What a damper.

Kurt Vile - Overnight Religion
With his vocals burried so deep in the music, this Phili-native sure know how to blend sound and lyric into a beautiful, 70s inspired music scheme (I don't think that's the right word, but I'm going with it haha).

Now, Now Every Children -In My Chest (Acoustic) (myspace)
This duo from Minneapolis (but performs with a 5-peice band) was brought to my attention by my young friend James Alan. Their lyrics are Tegan and Sara-esque, and have a very Slingshot Dakota, raw but innocent sound. I'm enjoying getting to know this new musical interest in my life.

Yeasayer - O.N.E
Wasn't the hugest fan of their first album, but their new single off Odd Blood, out next week, seems like an exciting sneak peek. We will see how the rest of the album pans out.

One for the Team - Every Little Thing
Also from Minneapolis, pretty sure one of the guys from this band worked on Now, Now Every Children's album, tells a secret source of mine. I was just recently introduced to this upbeat, indie-pop 5-piece, but they've just release their third full-length, which as been getting them much more coverage. I'm excited to listen!

The Magic Kids - Hey Boy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jazzy, young folk

Beautiful. Magnificent. Simplicity. Bella Ruse.

I stumbled upon this duo from Minneapolis on the Hype Machine, and fell in love with Kay Gillette's smooth and jazz-inspired voice. They sound like a happier Camera Obscura, and a less poppy Feist, with a little bit of a She and Him vibe. It is definitely worth checking out.

Bella Ruse - Push On