Thursday, May 28, 2009


I love my bike. Thanks to Brian who found it in the garbage in Orleans (those suburbanites know nothing about trendyness! BAH), and Phat Moose for hookin' a brother up with some vintage fenders, I can cruise around my hood in style.


This is my friend Iain. He's a model by day, and wolf by night. Doesn't he look that much better beside my bike?

I love my bike.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teddy Bear

Grizzly Bear's new album dropped..yesterday? Yeah, yesterday. Listening to it. They're nice. Would be great live. OH! They're playing Montreal June 4th - too bad I'm broke and can't make the trip. Either way, press play:

Don't Judge

I actually kind of dig The Fray. Here's a Kanye cover by then. Check it out. I like the lead singer's voice - it makes Kanye's lame song bearable (kill me for sayiing that?)

Monday, May 25, 2009

I want it.

It's going to happen. No matter what anyone says. Just like the mullet.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Poon is the root word of poutine. NO BOYS ALLOWED.

SHH! I'm doing stuff. Alex is asleep beside me. While Emma Grant has her jean jacket on her back - at home. Larissa Also ate a hotdog off the ground that evryone saw. Pictures to follow. Hopefully we still have friends after this. GOOD NIGHT ALEX

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Robot Boyfriend,

I don't care for this Euro-techno business, but this Royksopp song was written about me. "The Girl and the Robot" is basically the title of this little one's life. Too bad the song sucks.

Where are you, robot boyfriend?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another animal

I'm a big fan of Fleet Foxes, so naturally when my friend Dario Louigi introduced White Antelope to me, I instantly enjoyed them. The lead singer from Fleet Foxes puts his indie-folk spin on this side project.

Folky folks rock my soul.

summer fun

I love this month.
It's been a very much blast. Of all the four nights I went out this weekend (wow), Saturday night was solid. I went to a show that my friends' band was playing - and they rock. Emperor Bulash .

Check them out at They are quite a good bunch of entertainers. Not to mention, they are not hard on the eyes :) WHOO-WHOO!

Then I got 1 for 1 cheese pizza. It was instant greesy love.

The we went to The Dominion and drank beers. I made a tower. Thanks.

And obviously, we ended up at Zaphods. Obviously?
Dance dance dance party!!!

Pictures from Myles.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Full album. Listen, listen:

more obsessed?

Can I be more obsessed with Black Hat Brigade right now?

Answer: no.

They're releasing their EP "Fathers" this week, I believe, and as a lead up to it, they are posting a new song on their myspace everyday until the release. Pretty awesome. New songs so far are Kitchen Party and Vera.

They're playing Cafe Dekuf this Friday, and I am very very excited. I think I will purchase 8oo copies of their album. Cool?

The show is at 9pm, this Friday, May 22, and tickets are only 7 bucks. Probably the best 7dollars you will ever spend on a Friday night. They are playing with City of a Hundred Spires (, an Ottawa/Montreal band, and The Death of Apollo (they don't have any songs posted) from Ottawa. It should be a pretty awesome, mellow show.

I'm also excited because I haven't been to a show at Cafe Dekuf in AGES! Probably for 2 years now.

Also, happy long weekend. I hope it was as eventful as mine. Those are all the details you need to know.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get ready

For Passion Pit's new album release, set to drop May 19th. Their EP, Chunk of Change, thoroughly satisfied my electro-synthy-indie-pop (I am just making up genres now!) cravings as far as music goes, but left me wanting more more more.

Finally, something I can play in my headphones over and over again.

Also, while scoping Passion Pit, I came across this Ra Ra Riot remix by Passion Pit. We already know I adore Ra Ra Riot, and here they are with one of their tracks mixed with the super-synthy sounds of Passion Pit.

Down with it.

birthday re-cap

Okay, not to talk about it much longer, but last weekend was a fucking trip.

My 20th birthday was the best celebration of May 8th that I have ever had. I spent it with all of my favourite people, my best friends and my favourite faces. I ate fajitas, which is obviously my favourite (amongst many) foods, and drank a fine amount of alcohol, and danced danced dancedddd.
Just a few photos to prove this festivities:

Voila. Et c'est fini.

Everything's better in the UK

Stumbled upon this band while searching for a remix of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. Yeah, I like that song.

Either way, this lovely Mr. Little Jeans project from London, England has my two thumbs way up high. Creep their myspace, and then take a second to listen to this girls-night-out anthem cover!

(Sorry, I couldn't find the file on it's own. Here is someone else's blog. Scope it)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


i have not been around for ever BEcAUSEEE I just moved out. We did not have internet connected for a week. quite a devasty. (is that a word?)

so, although this isn't very exciting to the internet world, last night was my 20th birthday. and

It was next level and I'm surprised I'm not currently in peices.
I also don't know where my phone is. I turned it on silent to sleep, and now the darn thing is lost in the abiss of a mess that is my "room".

k, sandwich time.

party on flora.