Friday, July 18, 2008

killer noise

there's a wicked thunderstorm, or heat storm happening outside right now. i woke up to thunder and lightning flashing through my window.

I love it.

But this distraction makes is very hard to fall back asleep!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

post script:

okay so although my post time says like 1:43 am or something, it is currently 4:51 am.

just for the record.

NOT excited

the air conditioning at work broke this week. to begin with, the store doesn't have the best circulation system anyways, and it is usally about 20 degrees in there by mid evening from the door constantly opening and closing. and of course the air conditioning had to break over the couple of days that were so humid.

the other day, i was working in a loose tank top and short short, with NO shoes and eating popsicle after popsicle. talk about hard labour, eh?

so i'm not too excited for today when i have to work. ALL day. ten o'clock til nine o'clock. HOW wonderful...


he's alright

it is very difficult for me to sleep alone right now. i'm so used to cuddling up to that guy that i sorta like, and falling asleep on his really uncomfortable arm to the sound of his obnoxious snoaring.

not tonight.

i feel asleep to the witty and sarcastic "Juno" this evening. and promptly woke up at 4am being reminded that my only sleeping buddy tonight is my kitty cat, Luna (how i love her though. bless that almost senial cat's soul).

i have quickly resorted to this empty computer screen and clickity-clicking of the keyboard. and i've got a terrible ear ache from pressing into my pillow too hard.

yeah, i like him. alot.

long time no speak

i have not written anything for a long while.

this summer has been going alright so far. i've done a lot of beaching and swimming, and shopping and working. but there has never been a time more than this, where i have wanted to get the hell out of this city. i need a change of pace so badly, and this summer, i'm itching to do it.

i'm going to get in my car one of these days, and just drive, semi-aimlessly, down some highway. i'll give myself a rough destination, like new york, or quebec city, or some camping ground. i'll drive for a day, and then explore my surroundings. get back in my car, and drive farther, swim in waters i've never swam before, and walk on beaches i've never walked before.

there is something about ottawa that makes you detest your hometown. it's one of those towns that, you hate, but once you leave, you miss. it's taken for granted in some way, i guess.

i just need a break. a time to enjoy new things, and be completely spontaneous, and independant.

i'll see you along the water.