Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a little alternative?

Okay, so my friend Szeto (http://www.szetoszeto.blogspot.com/) commented on the 'room for two' post. He isn't too convinced on the wide-leg trouser (at least not yet) but he DID show me some alternatives to the skinny pant that he doesn't mind so much!

The first picture is similar to the wide-leg pants I'm into. He describes this look as "a really SOLID relaxed fit". It's true, this girl does pull off a 'relaxed fit' really well, and I'm into her thrown-together look. (note: her high-waisted belt!)

Second image is how Szeto wants his wife to dress at 40 - that whole business-chic look. He seems to accept the wide-leg capri's better than a full pant. Yeah, I'm not into these capris. Maybe when I'm 40?

But cute shoes for sure!

(notice the guy checkin' her out - that is TOTALLY creepy Szeto steeze!)

Third picture is like an inverted wide-pant; starting wide at the top, and working its way skinnier towards the ankle. This would have to be my favourite alternative out of the three, just because it's the most different. I like how the pants have a slightly higher rise, and are accessorized with a fat belt. Also, the detailing at the bottom near the ankle is super cute.
I'd be interested to see how a garment like these could be integrated into my own wardrobe.

In all, I enjoy anything that's different, new, and cutting edge. It's no doubt (as Szeto pointed out) that, even with the introduction of the wide-leg trouser, the skinny pant still has quite a ways to go before it's completely cut out - and trust me, I'm don't think I'm ready to see my life without then just yet!
Thanks Szeto for that little excerpt!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Who's on Top?

Top of the World skateboard shop is looking for an eligable young woman to work full/part time! The women at Top are ridiculously underpopulated in comparison to the men, and unfourtunately one of our lovely ladies is leaving us very shortly! Although we could never replace Christy, the time has come to look for a new member to the Top family.

There has already been numerous interviews with different girls, and no one, yet, has stepped up and blown us away! We are looking for a girl who is outgoing, original and pleasant, and has impecable retail experience. Is this you?

If you are interested in being part of our family, or know anyone who would blend well with the kids at Top of the World, drop off resumes as SOON as possible!

See you on Top!


your garbage is someone else's treasure!

Is your closet overflowing with jackets, sweaters, and pants? Can you barely close the drawers to your cupboard due to spewage of t-shirts and old tights? Do you SWEAR you will one day wear that vintage New Kids on the Block t-shirt that you just had to get because it cost you less than a twoonie? Does that knit cardigan from Grannie still lay in that pink birthday bag, hidden behind a pile of old jeans?


Every few months, I go on a cleaning rampage, getting rid of those clothes that just take up space in my already-too-small bedroom. Parting with those old, overworn (or underworn!) clothes can feel great!

What a better way to get rid of your unneeded clothing than at the 'Get Dressed' clothing exchange this Wednesday at Babylon night club! The event is put on by Cynthia (owner of the late Attic, I'm pretty sure) and begins at 9pm. There will be tons of racks, tables and floor space to display clothing, shoes, and accessories.

You will feel great ridding yourself of out done outfits, and pleasantly surprised at the wonderful treasures you will find in someone else's garbage!

(You can Facebook the event 'Get Dressed' and there will be complete details on that page)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Room for two

After years of the straight, slim, skinny, and skinnier pant, now emerges from the dark corners of the runway, a different type of pant - the wide-leg trouser!


No, please, do not go running and screaming into a corner biting your nails out of fear. There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to wide leg pants! Just look how lovely Keira looks strolling down this stoned-path in her high-waisted, double-buttoned denim trousers! (thank you Keira, for converting the unbrave)

Now, for me, it's either one extreme or the other: I'll either do a super skinny pant, or an extreme wide-leg trouser (or no pants at all, but that's a whole different blog in itself!). Any thing in between just doens't make sense to me. It is, after all, about making the statement.

Please, ladies, be careful when choosing your fit. Wide-leg pants must sit fitted at the waist and butt, and then instantly widen from the thighs down. I can't even stand to post this picture of Jessica Simpson - it makes me cringe. To me, it's just all wrong. Perhaps it's the combination of the fit plus the material that's not working for me?

Thank you MK for releiving me of that awful Jessica moment. OU, this Olsen twin's pant-and-belt combo make me envious!
Honestly, these pants are SO comfortable (and breezy) it's a close tie to leggings. Yes, I know, hard to believe anything could compare to the almost-nothing legging. It's incredible.

put your hand in my pocket

Seriously though, every single dress, over-sized tee, or sweater MUST have pockets in order to make it to the top of my wardrobe VIP list.

The bottom line is,
I just don't know what to do with my hands...


belts are a girl's best friend

Accessories - quite the obsession for this little one over here. I have countless headbands, more than enough bags, purses, and clutches, and about a billion belts! I just find everything looks so much better belted. Can you not agree?

A plain tee tucked into a pair of mid-rise jeans - skinny belt, please. Oversized t-shirt dress - fat belt with a big buckle works. Or a high-waisted skirt over a slim blouse looks complete with that patent leather number right in the middle. Thank you belts for being the missing peice in every one of my outfits.

Above: An amazing find from (the late) Attic. Pink croc-skin and 'gold' hardware? I think I just wet my panties a little...

OH look at that bling shine! My all-time favourite belt. Thank you VV for handing over a beautiful gem.

This is pretty 80's inspired with the way it stretches and slings! OH, lovely links, how I adore thee.

To be honest, I forgot I had this belt. I'm always so uncertain about brown, because I just don't know how to wear earthy colours, but with this outfit, the belt actually works.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

saving the world, one handbag at a time!

Eight years ago, a superhero among superheroes entered onto the fashion scene. Inder Bedi had a vision that went beyond fashion, and with his concept of MATT & NAT, he devised the 'positivity message', that unites the spiritual and material. Located in the always stylish, but mostly trend-following, city of Montreal, Bedi's minions are hard at work creating accessory masterpieces that will inspire the world. All of his bags, for both men and women, are not only unique and original, but animal friendly as well. Each bag is labeled with an inspiring message: 'choose life/choose positivity/choose the golden rule/choose to be at peace with yourself/choose salvation.' Made with true vegan leathers, faux suedes, and 'vintage' hard goods, MATT&NAT is truly a brand unique to itself.

The bags range from $70 to $250 in price, but when supporting such an amazing idea, how can anyone argue with the price?

(for those of us who can, MATT & NAT can be found at Winners for almost half the price!)

No time for introductions

Allo, Allo, mes cheries! Introductions, how I hate thee, therefore, I shall skip right over them!
So, let us begin, shall we?