Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have been in Toronto for just over a month now. It has been a great experience moving to a new city where I know only a handful of people. This was exactly what I needed at this point in my life.

Tonight I stumbled upon this band, Lowell. I still have yet to really find out much about the band, other than they are associated with Apparatjik, the supergroup featuring members from Coldplay, A-ha, and Mew. It's no wonder the Lowell sound is both raw and refined.

Follow Lowell on Twitter and Facebook, and keep your eye out for touring locations! Fingers crossed for a Toronto show in the future.

Sunday Night

basement floor organ band
deep sounds of lower level key board tones
ring through the building;
the bandmates meld their music notes,
the bass vibrates the walls.

adjacent to our home, the Rasta men yell
making jibberish noises with their rolling tongues
their tempers rise as they blast through heated conversations
a debate for the beginning of the week.

the organ picks up and a techno beat kicks in
the tone of a young dreamer, sorting through piano chords
sharing tales of his weekend temptress;
juvenile discoveries.

a deep grumbling yell, passing the blame around the table
their voices are muffled by walls and crooked teeth;
it is the perfect mixture of sounds
a passionate temperment of hard-life living.

Daycaller Lives

I have decided to revive my blog. I've been super active on Tumblr, but my Blogspot has taken a little dirt-nap for some time now.

New to the city of Toronto, I have decided to bring this blog back from the dead. Expect great posts about music, fashion and my day-to-day favourites.

Take a listen to this great new track by Sky Ferreira. She is so sexy in this video, it makes me want my blonde hair back!