Wednesday, December 3, 2008


have not been around for ages, and i'm sure it seems i've fallen off the face of the earth.

just haven't had much to blog about in the past few weeks.

until now.

Crack the Shutters - Snow Patrol

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ok, but.

so basically, best thing in my life.
thank you matt stubbings :)

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Shane Koyczan - Move Pen Move


zeh-bra, oh zeh-bra.
i miss [my] zebra.

Friday, November 7, 2008

red and black lumber jack

hip hop night
last night
quarts and jager

all i have to say


and again tonight.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

still haven't re-located my brain.
i'm not particularily concerned.

thank-you spring-time weather for coming BEFORE winter!
the past few days have been beautiful, and today, i spent as much time outside as the clock would allow me.

sun rays makes everything better.

possibly need to celebrate this joy with drinks at the local bar over the weekend?
any excuse to add more toxins to my body, right?

see you at hip hop night. word.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my brain's decided to take a vacation the past few days.

i haven't tried to argue, there's no point.

i hope it went somewhere nice.

it's probably hiding up in some tree, away from all humanity.

wish i could be there with it.

l'halloween was fun. the whole weekend, actually was quite eventful. hrm.

Friday, October 31, 2008

hallow's eve

my costume's comin along just fine, thanks.

i'm breathing in the toxic fumes of spray paint as we speak. reminds me of the good days.

we should all be very excited to see my finished peice i've been speaking so highly of for so long. do hope the helmet stays on fine all night - highly doubt it..

i also bought a hannibal lector's (spelling) mask at walMart today for fun. it might be part of my saturday night kit. who knows. endless possibilites.

drink for the festive night tomorrow:

Thanks Eric.


Entertain yo self with this, bitch.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

tap dancer

If I were a boy, I'd wear these:

Cordovan wingtip shoes from the 60s - one of my most favourite decades in terms of fashion.
Oh, to dream the boy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

fell in love with a photo

came across this amazing photographer on flickr (thanks to M. Skuza)

instant love.

I don't even think I can fully explain the feeling that his pictures arose out of me.
A crazy surge just flooded my body.

Go investigate.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

winter wonderland?

first snowfall of the year.
had to drive in it.
almost swerved in the ditch.
thank god for AC Newman over the radio who got me through it.

it's just a gift
from the polar bears;
they're just saying hello

say new skews

just try it once.

Monday, October 27, 2008

next up

From North Carolina, Annuals is an experimental/pop band comprised of 6 various and beautiful musicians busy making beautiful music. They're on tour with Minus the Bear right now, but I've yet to come across any Canadian dates for this tour. Keep our fingers crossed!

"Dry Clothes" - Annuals

Thanks Claire!


"In 1969, when American astronauts first landed on the moon, the message they sent back to earth was: 'The Eagle has landed!'"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

this is so secret it doesn't even have a name

Sunday Night To-Do list:

1. listen to that song
2. have drinks with guests
3. write letters to California
4. package musicians; tape their boxes
5. mail letters
6. spray paint astronaut suit
7. find My DreamBoy
8. explain ' imaginary'
9. keep a good watch on his ocean
10. sleep over in France

i just luv ya!

oh h.brooks, how you steal my heart!

Such a lovely girl, that Hayley. So very happy to have her as my friend! She's quite the witty one, and not to mention, an inspiration to fellow hipsters around the world!

Such a little bundle of love with that curley head of hair that I adore so greatly!!

She's a little vixen.

love love love.

take a break

finally a legit reason to be happy:

'Almost Crimes' - Broken Social Scene

this thursday at the Bronson Center.
now thats a quality evening.

Friday, October 24, 2008

life dreams

college isn't like univrsity
in college you have really specific classes to the course you're in, I think

I'm not going to either;
I'm going to school in space


I'm not sure what their curriculumn is like there to be honest.
when I'm an astronaut I'll find out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I wish...


I lived my life based on these things back in the day.
I remember, clearly, having a little naked green-haired troll with an emerald in its belly button on my dresser beside my mirror.

And I WOULD wish on its jeweled belly everynight.
not lieing.

PS: WHERE is my Treasure Troll??

rainy tuesday


Was very pleased to get to see Frightened Rabbit.
They were sweaty, music-passionate Scottish boys who confirmed why my heart has been stolen [by their music].

There I am, front and center!! (praying??)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

i know, it's all i talk about, but...

(Haven't found the time to figure out how to post only the song.
so for now, bare with me)


Going to wake up early, finish my essay, go to school (boo) then run some much needed errands, and head off to montreal. it will be a good road trip, yes it will, i presume. going to visit for the day dans la belle ville. the forecast calls for rain, but we will not let it ruin our happy-day parade!

love love love!

this might be debatable

“We have people to entertain, McNeil!”

I’m a free spirit boy
Let me go
Let me go
into the hills
climb up the tree and
scream out to Mr Moon;
“The best shoe boy around!”

who knows what it meant
reading involves words,
involves studies,
involves pondering our day,
involves fallen leaves and
planted trees;

“Silly young lad”

Friday, October 17, 2008

From Ann Arbor, Michigan, this one-man indie/folk heartstealer occupies the majority of my morning-time playlists.

listen, and love.

"Yes I'm Cold" - Chris Bathgate

Thursday, October 16, 2008

what if...

...real life was a video game.

"Real life" as a video game,
according to TwinkleCandy.

..except. real life isn't like this;

at least, i don't stab my wrist with the pointy part of the scissors as the sun goes down behind a shear curtin in my bed room...

also, I think TwinkleCandy wishes she was asian. JUST saying.

ps: she's italian...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've been defeated

When you've been doing something one way for so long, and then realize you've been wrong this whole time, you are usually in denile.

IE: I've been writing "as opposed to" like this: "as a posed to"

HONESTLY all of high school I did that. NO one corrected me. I genuinely thought, up until tonight, thought it was the correct way to write this.

I'm heartbroken. Maybe that's not the right word. Stunned? Shocked?

Either way, it's a weird feeling.

It's like being told your mother is alive when all your life you thought she was dead.

That serious.

more banter

the appropriate way to deal when some random e-mail adds you to MSN:

siksty said:
๑۩۞۩ Lampard ๑۩۞۩ says:
siksty says:
who is this?
๑۩۞۩ Lampard ๑۩۞۩ says:
๑۩۞۩ Lampard ๑۩۞۩ says:
cuz i support frank lampard
siksty says:
i dont know who that is? a soccer player?
๑۩۞۩ Lampard ๑۩۞۩ says:
no singer
siksty says:
oh jeeze.
do we know eachother? or are you just a creepy person?
๑۩۞۩ Lampard ๑۩۞۩ says:
i am just a creepy person?
siksty says:
thats reassuring.

siksty says:
i'm about to delete you, is that okay?
unless you offer me a reason not to. ie: our relation as two people on this earth.
๑۩۞۩ Lampard ๑۩۞۩ says:
you talking much
๑۩۞۩ Lampard ๑۩۞۩ says:
shut up
۩۞۩ Lampard ๑۩۞۩ says:
who care to you
๑۩۞۩ Lampard ๑۩۞۩ says:
delet or not shit
siksty says:
good reasons. goodbye :)

what a pair

Can't wait for

those letters in the mail.

The worst student,

you're the boss, applesauce

everyone needs a companion.

oh, life


I'm allowing myself this short break from studying for my soc. exam to post a few nice little videos.

"Fans - Kings of Leon"

I know they've got a new album, trust me, I've heard it, over and over and over again on repeat on my iPod. But this is an old fave that just sends my little heart a flutter!

Lucky Sam Fran who gets to see them live in Boston. Grr.

Also, this is from about month ago, and I just re-discovered it while browsing my pics. How much do I love her? (


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


...and then from there,
he's going around to a ton of different places:


tons of places


typical, eh?


he's a really sick guy

i know he is

everyone adores that guy
he's going to be a legend, and he doenst even know it
but someone like him has to see different places;

has to constantly keep moving.

i hope i run into him down the line somewhere;

maybe iceland

i know he's going to be there at some point

im moving there;
when im 25
i'll be liviing there

but not forever;

(if it doesnt work out i'll live in a house full of glow sticks)

friday night, and i ain't got nobody

Thanksgiving reunine, and we start the eve off pretty strong. Drinks all around, and crashin' lil bro's party. That's how we do, right?

It's all finger nails and faces. cute

The night progressed with a jam out to RockBand. Not gonna lie, we kicked those little 16yr olds outta there pretty quick (they were smokin a joint in the backyard, btw. kids these days.)

I call us X-treme 4ce feild. Peep that!

We were really into it.

Our competition:

"Hurrican Jane"-Balck Kids

side note: never start a band with me.

be this:

The pressures of Halloween closing in on you?

Partner costume idea:

You dress up as a hot dog weiner, and get a friend to be the bun..

Don't have a partner? Do a solo-mish as the weiner, and just search for your bun all night!

I'm so unappealing from this angle

painted concrete babies
from the architechture building on floor 3;
let out early with leather folder briefcases
strung over their shoulders
waiting by the vending machines -
these kids conversed over coke-a-cola
and batted lashes
mascaraed to their book bags and pocket holders;
greasy hands from changing engines
under garage-sentiments
left over from table 5.

Monday, October 13, 2008

never ottawa!

Want to find a way to my heart?

Get these guys for me for christmas. Pack them in a box, mail them to my house, with their intruments, and make sure I open them, alone, in my room.


"The Modern Leper" - Frightened Rabbit

I'm going to have to go see them next week in Montreal. I have no choice.

Hopefully there will be tickets despite my bad timing.

respect, heidi

Guilty pleasure: The Hills

So what if it lowers my street cred.?

Heidi Montag - Overdosin'

This video's actually really funny. Props to Heidi for showing that she doesn't take herself too seriously. Very Paris Hilton of her!

I love the guy who does the wave with his stomach! Delish.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I wish I may, I wish I might

more than once we think to ourselves

...i'd love to be rocketed into space.

real talk

notice how many times you call someone "gay" or "retarded" and no one around you reacts.

the word gay shouldn't have a negative connotation, nor should we use "retard" to describe someone who has acted ridiculous, or dumb.

remember the actual meanings of words, and keep in mind that your words have power. use that power with caution.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

don't you be a traffic light.


love my friends

x0x emma, alex, hayley, mado.


ps: over seas = excited

gettin' clocked's no fun

had a sober dance night out tonight

ended up getting hit in the head by a drunk trashy bitch, anyway.

drama always finds me;

high note: got to touch the sweaty body of the goood ole cadence weapon

"it's just beef, it's just beef"

gonna feel that in the morning

Friday, October 10, 2008

sweaty dance dance party

"Are you guys with us?! Are you with us???!!"


At Babylon Night club.

(sorry bad quality and guy yelling.)

I think the show starts at 8, even though I work till 9. I first saw this duo from T-dot at the end of the summer at Mavericks with The Ruby Coasts, and they blew my mind. These two nerds throwin down "rap tracks" with electro beats, and tons and tons of insane energy. They got the entire crowd jamming out, and now they're back for another round tomorrow night. Cover's probably 5-7 bucks?? Come check it out before you hit up your hipster bars!


Went to 1848, the Ottawa U campus bar, last night and saw Mother Mother, and was blown away by their opening act The Wooden Sky.

The Wooden Sky - "North Dakota"
(looks like MTV)

These guys were amazing. They sound exactly the same live as they do on their album, and their catchy indie/folk beats captivated me. Simon, Andrew, Gavin and (oh god, I have forgotten the drummer's name - eep! but he was a good dancer, let that be known!) are from Toronto and have created quite the fan-base here in Ottawa. They were good guys, and an amazing band overall.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


John Butler Trio - Ocean

absolutely blown away.
will have more on him,promise.


I stole your poem instead of sleeping (don't be mad).

I loved the way you said my name
like it really meant "to behold";
I loved the way you held my waist
like I was one of the dolls your mother collected;
I loved the way you spoke those sentences
like you’d glued puzzle pieces together, forcing them to fit.

and no matter how much I tried,
you already knew the emergency exits
were directly to the left and the right.

I still love the only feeling that lingers:
the feeling of being trapped in us.

another night to dream and maybe feel
you speak my name from your lips, feel
you wrap your arms around my skinny hips, feel
you stumble to find the right thing to say, feel
you and I together.

colabo: ian and jessica!

vous etes vraiement degolasse

"À bout de souffle" (Breathless) is a French New Wave film directed by Jean-Luc Godard in 1960. This film absolutely captivated me, thanks to the lead role, Patricia (Jean Seberg).
She is absolutely adorable in this film, adding a quirky, innocent edge to Godard's film. In contrast to her co-star Michel (Jean-Paul Belmondo), Patricia is a light-hearted, take-no-shit, well-established young woman.
I'm in love with everything about her character, from her adorable short hair, winged eyeliner, striped cupcake dress and hide-behind-her-hands mannerism. She captured my itty-bitty heart.

This film makes me want to be in love in Paris in '60s.

Merci, Godard!

day 53

"let's go on a date.


your pick!"

no response.

Monday, October 6, 2008

can you be my him?

Zooey Deschanel is one half of the duo "She and Him". Zooey is exquisitely beautiful, and her voice is no let down, either. Her other half, Brian Wilson, is an equal talent and not bad to look at either! Check out their performance on MTV canada.

My most favourite song by this duo is "Sentimental Heart". Check out their album: "She and Him: Volume one"

tres seriouse

first off, wish I knew how to work the french keys on my keyboard. I have no knowledge of this.

second listen:
(i don't know how to upload my own playlist yet, so as of now, i'm borrowing from a blog buddy)

just a little playlist to listen to while we get ready for our dance party weekend!
wear your best made-up face!

thanks matt!

sucking dick in the back bar

what do we all have in common?

love for music

passion for fasion

hipster status.

you can't be better than the kid beside you, stop trying.

decided to

get distracted by the world wide web instead of

writing an essay

"Song of the Sad Assassin" - Why?

day 52

It's been a long haul, but I'm back on top.

When you're down, just smile for the camera.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

auro voir!

I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to Mission, B.C. I'm super excited. My uncle's flying me out there, and I'm staying with him and his family. I'll take some time to go into Vancouver and see some friends, too, but mainly I'm just excited to get out of here.

I'm flying alone for the first time, I'm excited.

Currently my Ipod is frozen, I will pray to the gods tonight that it dies, and then works fine tomorrow for the plane ride. If it does not, I may have to cry.

A bientot!!!! (sorry, I don't have a french keyboard!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Millie

It;s just a novelty, I;m sure, but I;m quite obsessed with Lil Wayne these days.

Just look at him - how can you NOT love him!

my five

My best friend, Alex, left for Montreal this morning! I saw her last on Saturday afternoon, only for a few hours. It was so crazy - it didn't sink in that she was leaving the city untill RIGHT when i dropped her off at home. I gave her a hug, and just started to cry.
I love you McGill, don;t worry - I will get My5 soon!

back in action

My blog is sad. It is so lacking in anything worth reading, it is so not updated that it is practically dead.


First, we need a little life re-cap.

And so we will begin!

I lived the cottage life for a few days at Sarah G's cottage only a half hour away with the love of my life, Twatson, and our lovely fit immigrant friend, Igor. The Adventure included cottage party, canoeing, cliff (or more like rock) jumping naked, and finding a hidden little stream off the lake. ALSO almost capsizing our kayak, that Igor and I were far too heavy for! HA!

Was the perfect escape from the city, and made me truly appreciate this beautiful province we live in.

At the beginning of August, my bestest friend in the world swept me away to Montreal for a last minute shopping trip. We left late Tuesday night, and arrived in Montreal a good 3 hours later! We got lost (don't ask HOW i got lost driving to fucking montreal, but it happened!) and ended up taking the old highway all the way there. Which was actually so amazing, because we drove through all these beautiful little towns. I wish we got pictures of that trip, because it was seriously the high light of the whole thing for me - three hour car ride with my best friend, just jamming to music, and looking at the beautiful open road.

We stayed with some friends, and went to Fouf's that night - was NOT busy at all, and there were MAYBE 4 good looking people in the entire bar. But we got pitchers, and the 4 of us got a good lil grove goin'.

I ended up scoring two vintage finds the next day while shopping down Mont Royal. Old Gold - whats up!

My weeks to follow have included working, and drinking, and drinking, and dancing, and working. And the occasional quiet night in the hometown!

...but mostly drinking...

So, now, brings me, basically, to this point.

The present.

Friday, July 18, 2008

killer noise

there's a wicked thunderstorm, or heat storm happening outside right now. i woke up to thunder and lightning flashing through my window.

I love it.

But this distraction makes is very hard to fall back asleep!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

post script:

okay so although my post time says like 1:43 am or something, it is currently 4:51 am.

just for the record.

NOT excited

the air conditioning at work broke this week. to begin with, the store doesn't have the best circulation system anyways, and it is usally about 20 degrees in there by mid evening from the door constantly opening and closing. and of course the air conditioning had to break over the couple of days that were so humid.

the other day, i was working in a loose tank top and short short, with NO shoes and eating popsicle after popsicle. talk about hard labour, eh?

so i'm not too excited for today when i have to work. ALL day. ten o'clock til nine o'clock. HOW wonderful...


he's alright

it is very difficult for me to sleep alone right now. i'm so used to cuddling up to that guy that i sorta like, and falling asleep on his really uncomfortable arm to the sound of his obnoxious snoaring.

not tonight.

i feel asleep to the witty and sarcastic "Juno" this evening. and promptly woke up at 4am being reminded that my only sleeping buddy tonight is my kitty cat, Luna (how i love her though. bless that almost senial cat's soul).

i have quickly resorted to this empty computer screen and clickity-clicking of the keyboard. and i've got a terrible ear ache from pressing into my pillow too hard.

yeah, i like him. alot.

long time no speak

i have not written anything for a long while.

this summer has been going alright so far. i've done a lot of beaching and swimming, and shopping and working. but there has never been a time more than this, where i have wanted to get the hell out of this city. i need a change of pace so badly, and this summer, i'm itching to do it.

i'm going to get in my car one of these days, and just drive, semi-aimlessly, down some highway. i'll give myself a rough destination, like new york, or quebec city, or some camping ground. i'll drive for a day, and then explore my surroundings. get back in my car, and drive farther, swim in waters i've never swam before, and walk on beaches i've never walked before.

there is something about ottawa that makes you detest your hometown. it's one of those towns that, you hate, but once you leave, you miss. it's taken for granted in some way, i guess.

i just need a break. a time to enjoy new things, and be completely spontaneous, and independant.

i'll see you along the water.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh Canada!

Our home and native land!

Canada Day is just around the corner. Time to start putting together your red-and-white outfits, stocking up on a good Canadian ale, and making those always-broken, never-followed Canada Day plans! I'll be downtown, hanging out at the Top of the World street party, and checking out the other festivities held in the nation's capital. Make sure you nab a spot early on the hill, as it gets packed quite early in the evening. No cute boy to hold hands with under the fire works? Just grab the nearest Corona bottle, and starting singing your sorrows to it!

Enjoy yourself this Canada day!

when it rains, it pours

It's been quite a rainy summer here in Ottawa. Although I miss the nice weather we were spoiled with back in April, there is one thing I don't mind about this weather: thunderstorms.

I love thunderstorms.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

when life hands you lemons... simply make lemonade.

And it tastes so bitter.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a few words for you

The most exciting thing about being an artist, of any kind, is the response you receive from your audience. As a creative writer, I get the most enjoyment out of speaking my poetry in front of an audience, or seeing my work published in hard copy.

The community around you is a great way to get yourself out there, and meet other inspiring artists with similar passions. 'Zines' are a great way to express oneself, and a free form of entertainment.

"Telegraft" is a poetry zine on it's 5th issue. I recently caught up with, Dave Rowan, 1/3 of the heads behind "telegraft", to get a little background on this local poetry zine.

DayCaller: Who is part of 'telegraft'?
Dave Rowan: Marco, Aaron and I are the editors and founders.

DC: When did you guys start your zine?
DR: Our first episode came out in April 2007.

DC: What propelled you to begin this project?
DR: We started up the zine because we were unhappy with some of the editorial processes in place with other magazines: making changes, however slight, without discussing them with the poet, rejecting poems without explanation, or an explanation that lacked advice. Basically, we just wanted to start a zine that was less about having the editors and poets segregated from each other. We set forth our mandate or mission statement stating that we would do our best to meet with every poet who submits work in person and go over [any] advice or questions we had about their poems; however, this is not to say that we think our suggestions are absolute. The whole point is to meet on the same level and try to become better writers. This is why we bring all the submitted poems to every meeting, allowing all submitters the chance to give their advice on all the works being considered, including any that we might submit ourselves.

DC: What are some challenges you guys have faced with each issue?
DR: The biggest challenge is always finding time, where [all] three of us can get together and go over the poems, discuss them and our suggestions for them. Once that's done, we have to find time to meet with [each writer], and then there's still the actual putting together of the episode itself. Still, time restraints set aside, I would say the two most difficult aspects of the editorial process are understanding that you don't have room to put all of the poems you want to in the episode and more awkwardly, that some poems might not meet the standards set forth, and meeting with their authors to explain this, without coming across as someone who thinks they know more about poetry than the poet who submitted said piece.

DC: Yeah, that's a tough line. Art, of any sort, is so subjective. But, there is always room for improvement for any creative person. How has the fifth episode of 'telegraft' differ from the first or second?
DR: The first episode was kind of a shot at some of the reasons for 'telegraft' coming about. All the poems were centered around the things we saw wrong with other publications, and so, they weren't exactly pleasant. They had more of a post-modern feel, dealing with poetry itself. They were published under pseudonyms, because we felt, as we knew many of the people involved in these other publications, that what we were saying would be overshadowed by who was saying it. We later took responsibility and credit for these poems in episode 2 as part of our mission statement. Episode 2 has more in common with episode 5, in that its poems cover a wider variety of topics and styles, as do the other episodes, with the exception of 4, which was focused on valentines day. Still, i feel that the poetry has improved, even in that little time, which is great, haha especially seeing as episode 2 was mostly the editors. Perhaps the biggest and greatest difference is the amount of poets submitting work. It adds a nice range of flavor to each episode.

DC: Next for Marco, Aaron, and Dave?
DR: Personally ... I'm not sure. all of us are working right now. I've finished up school ... for now. Marco and Aaron are heading back to it in september. Other than that ... i guess we'll just keep writing. We're looking to have another episode out sometime this summer and to maybe get involved in an art show here and there.

DC: I'm excited for the next episode! And lastly, Dave, favourite warm beverage? (since we always do our meetings in Second Cup!)
DR: HOT CHOCOLATE!!!! But made with all milk, not water. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Served best when you are freezing to death.

DayCaller: Good choice!

If you cannot get your hands on a hard copy of 'telegraft', you can check out any past episodes in digital form at

If you are interested in submitting some of your work, you can e-mail the guys at

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a little alternative?

Okay, so my friend Szeto ( commented on the 'room for two' post. He isn't too convinced on the wide-leg trouser (at least not yet) but he DID show me some alternatives to the skinny pant that he doesn't mind so much!

The first picture is similar to the wide-leg pants I'm into. He describes this look as "a really SOLID relaxed fit". It's true, this girl does pull off a 'relaxed fit' really well, and I'm into her thrown-together look. (note: her high-waisted belt!)

Second image is how Szeto wants his wife to dress at 40 - that whole business-chic look. He seems to accept the wide-leg capri's better than a full pant. Yeah, I'm not into these capris. Maybe when I'm 40?

But cute shoes for sure!

(notice the guy checkin' her out - that is TOTALLY creepy Szeto steeze!)

Third picture is like an inverted wide-pant; starting wide at the top, and working its way skinnier towards the ankle. This would have to be my favourite alternative out of the three, just because it's the most different. I like how the pants have a slightly higher rise, and are accessorized with a fat belt. Also, the detailing at the bottom near the ankle is super cute.
I'd be interested to see how a garment like these could be integrated into my own wardrobe.

In all, I enjoy anything that's different, new, and cutting edge. It's no doubt (as Szeto pointed out) that, even with the introduction of the wide-leg trouser, the skinny pant still has quite a ways to go before it's completely cut out - and trust me, I'm don't think I'm ready to see my life without then just yet!
Thanks Szeto for that little excerpt!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Who's on Top?

Top of the World skateboard shop is looking for an eligable young woman to work full/part time! The women at Top are ridiculously underpopulated in comparison to the men, and unfourtunately one of our lovely ladies is leaving us very shortly! Although we could never replace Christy, the time has come to look for a new member to the Top family.

There has already been numerous interviews with different girls, and no one, yet, has stepped up and blown us away! We are looking for a girl who is outgoing, original and pleasant, and has impecable retail experience. Is this you?

If you are interested in being part of our family, or know anyone who would blend well with the kids at Top of the World, drop off resumes as SOON as possible!

See you on Top!

your garbage is someone else's treasure!

Is your closet overflowing with jackets, sweaters, and pants? Can you barely close the drawers to your cupboard due to spewage of t-shirts and old tights? Do you SWEAR you will one day wear that vintage New Kids on the Block t-shirt that you just had to get because it cost you less than a twoonie? Does that knit cardigan from Grannie still lay in that pink birthday bag, hidden behind a pile of old jeans?


Every few months, I go on a cleaning rampage, getting rid of those clothes that just take up space in my already-too-small bedroom. Parting with those old, overworn (or underworn!) clothes can feel great!

What a better way to get rid of your unneeded clothing than at the 'Get Dressed' clothing exchange this Wednesday at Babylon night club! The event is put on by Cynthia (owner of the late Attic, I'm pretty sure) and begins at 9pm. There will be tons of racks, tables and floor space to display clothing, shoes, and accessories.

You will feel great ridding yourself of out done outfits, and pleasantly surprised at the wonderful treasures you will find in someone else's garbage!

(You can Facebook the event 'Get Dressed' and there will be complete details on that page)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Room for two

After years of the straight, slim, skinny, and skinnier pant, now emerges from the dark corners of the runway, a different type of pant - the wide-leg trouser!


No, please, do not go running and screaming into a corner biting your nails out of fear. There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to wide leg pants! Just look how lovely Keira looks strolling down this stoned-path in her high-waisted, double-buttoned denim trousers! (thank you Keira, for converting the unbrave)

Now, for me, it's either one extreme or the other: I'll either do a super skinny pant, or an extreme wide-leg trouser (or no pants at all, but that's a whole different blog in itself!). Any thing in between just doens't make sense to me. It is, after all, about making the statement.

Please, ladies, be careful when choosing your fit. Wide-leg pants must sit fitted at the waist and butt, and then instantly widen from the thighs down. I can't even stand to post this picture of Jessica Simpson - it makes me cringe. To me, it's just all wrong. Perhaps it's the combination of the fit plus the material that's not working for me?

Thank you MK for releiving me of that awful Jessica moment. OU, this Olsen twin's pant-and-belt combo make me envious!
Honestly, these pants are SO comfortable (and breezy) it's a close tie to leggings. Yes, I know, hard to believe anything could compare to the almost-nothing legging. It's incredible.