Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hell, Bloody Hell

So this track wasn't leaked before the release of their album, Sainthood, and it was hard for me to wait, but here is the first single!

Tegan & Sara - Hell

They will be one tour in the early year - and they've lined up two nights to play at the Bronson Center here in Ottawa. BUT me finks I will go to Montreal, fanks! Ef the Bronson Center.
What else can I say here to distract me further from homework? Hmm...
WELL! My bikeride home tonight was awesome! Post- rain, kind of chilly, all bundled, and a nice cool breeze while I got all warm and sweaty under my knit sweater. OOOO FALL! Love, love, love.
I'm quite restless right now, I'll go find some more music and post something else for you kids.

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