Wednesday, April 29, 2009

some days are just..


I just want Friday. Come, Friday, come!!

Black Hat Brigade, on the other hand, is amazing. So amazing. Such an incredible sound for a band that has only been jamming for about a year or so, I believe. I saw them when they opened for Handsome Furs at Maverick's earlier this year. The drummer and his girlfriend (who is the cutest thing ever) are friends with a friend of mine, and they were both super rad. From Toronto, this band has incredible stage presence, and a captivating sound that made me an instant fan.

I want their music inside of me, right. now.


SO I'm wide awake at 5:30 in the morning, freezing under 6 blankets and hungry cause all I ate was terrible homemade macaroni before bed.


What's even MORE unfourtunate is this blog I stumbled upon while scoping txts frm lst nght (guilty of checking that spot everynight...)

So while you're up at stupid hours of the night, listening the birds outside chirp for worms, check out Can We Please Stop and Refelct?, a horrible, but none-the-less entertaining, blog featuring unfourtunate pictures of people from the streets of New York committing fashion crimes? Ugh, I'm so predictable.

If there's one thing I've learned in my short years of living, it's okay to make fun of people I don't know...

Seasonal Fail
April 22, 2009

We finally had a nice, summery day in NYC last Friday. Everyone was getting into the spirit, bringing out the shorts, skirts, and sandals. Even this woman pulled out her favorite late Spring attire - her leather and fur coat with the crop sleeves. Oh yeah, and some lovely knock-off Uggs. Brown ones, no less.

Even the kids in the background were bewildered by this shit.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've discovered...

Ra Ra Riot is one of my FAVOURITE bands right now, and I just found out that front man Wes Miles has a side project with Rostam Batmanglij, the keyboardist from Vampire Weekend. They've been jamming since 2007, and expect to release their EP this summer. Check out their myspace for the two tracks they've got released so far.

These songs sound more like Vampire Weekend than Ra Ra Riot. Super cute lyrics, mixed with electro-dancey beats. I'll let this colab perculate, and report back in a bit, once they've grown on me a bit.


DJ's and producers Diplo and Switch have colabbed to create the music duo "Major Lazer". Their EP titles Guns Don't Kill People - Lazers Do is expected to drop June 16.

Til then, peep their track Hold The Line, if you haven't already done so. It's got a very reggae, dance hall vibe. I'm down, I'm down.

Monday, April 27, 2009

txts frm lst nght

Ever woke up the next mornng, only to be mortified at the content of your outbox? Or questioned what the fuck is going on in your inbox?

Join the club.

Texts From Last Night is a website, pretty much like FML, but betterrrrrr.

This shit's legit.

Just go confirm this fo' realness yo self, mah fuckahs.

(609): in pain and im wearing pink underwear
(908): so?
(609): i dont own pink underwear

That should teach me to stay off my phone at the bar...

Folk dream

Noah and the Whale. I love them. They're playing on Tuesday in Montreal. Unfourtunately, I cannot make an adventure out of this show. I WISH I COULD TELEPORT. I should take some time and watch that youTube video that teaches you how to...

Check out their website. It's super "rad gnar" in a good way.

5 more days


Wow. May 1st has really fucking approached quickly. I'm not sure what to do with myself at this point.

This is big news in little Joey's life. Moving out of the small town into the (not so big) city. THUG LIFE!

I got home from the bar tonight, and due to the NUMEROUS amounts of redbul I drank, I was wired (and still am)


I PACKED. I bagged up all of my clothes (leaving only a few outfit options for this week) and all of my shoes. Oh and purses, belts, and sarves. I have a lot of stuff.

Tonight was Mod night, and EVERYTIME i hear this song, I FREAK. Play it right now, and just TRY not to dance.

PS: I enjoy my work very much. Mandrea, you will be missed greatly.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


FUK YAH! (no 'c' - it ups my blog cred)

Cisco Ottawa's Bluesfest lineup just got announced. I'm so down this year. The line up is nice and packed with some of my fave faves.

Please, Joe, do give us a low-down!

Thursday, July 9

Iron and Wine

I have a TON of Iron and Wine on my iPod, just for whenever I feel like mellowing out the legit way. I have never been inlove with them, like I am with some other bands, but I feel like they would be worth seeing live. One of those bands you appreciate more once you've seen them witn your own eyes.

Friday, July 10

Holy Fuck

Okkervil River

The Dodos

This day will be so good. I do not want to miss Holy Fuck this time around, and The Dodo's will undoubtedly be incredible live. Also, Okkervil River: banjo. Need I say more?

Sunday, July 12

Neko Case


Leif Vollebekk

John Vanderslice

K so, Neko Case is one of those bands I've listened to for years now, but never truly fell in love with. I'm always off and on, but again, I think they'd be great live. I've already seen Girltalk, but I'm stoked to see how the HELL this show plays out at Lebretton Flats, at 7;45 on a Sunday night?? leif Vollebekk is an Ottawa native, and I saw him when he opened for Basia Bulat a while back; he is such a talented musician. And John Vanderslice, he's just chill and catchy.

Wednesday, July 15

The National


Thursday, July 16


M83 is the epidemy of teenage angst and young love. I think they will have to be the highlight of my summer to-see bands. They better not fucking let me down, that french fuck! <3>Friday, July 17

Cystal Castles

K i don't even want to bother to post a video for them. Honestly, they make sweet jams, but, Bluesfest? Really? Even more bizarre than Girltalk. I want to see them, only to confirm or disagree to the rumour that they suck live. Is it worth it?

Sunday, July 19

Handson Furs

I just saw them about a month or two ago. But I would see them again, in a heartbeat, hands down. What can't Dan Boeckner do well?

KAY so basically, that's my main faves for this festival. Not sure how the fuck I'm going to swing this, but somehow I've gotta come up with 225 bucks to go see all these bands, OR fucking jump the shit out of that fence.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Would you rather...

...get locked out of your car at a service station in Butt-fuck-seagull-shitland somewhere between Toronto and Ottawa
OR mission 5 hours to see a band play in the nose bleed section of a sold out concert theater??


AH Kings of Leon trip was fabulous! Road tripping is sooo much fun, especially when done under a time crunch, with 3 of the funniest ladies that could ever exist.

let's document:

so, basically, I woke up Tuesday morning, went to school, wrote an english exam, and then picked up H. Brooks and Mado, and peaced down the 401. We arrived to Kenan's with just enough time to spare to buy liquor in the gay district in T.O. (which, by the way, is suuuper clean!!)
KAY so, YEAH we were in the nosebleeds, but fuck, were they amazing live. Such good sound, and so legit as entertainers! CALEB IS SO FUCKING HAWT (spell check doesn't pick up on cool slang that the kids r usin' these days.)

I was thouroughly impressed at the Toronto crowd. They know what's up - EVERYONE was standing. EVEN IN THE FUCKING 300 LEVEL!! That's legit.

KAY so then after the show, we went back to Kenan's (UM I subwayed for the first time - TORONTO TOURISTE!) The amazing Kellan Lindsay then picked us ladies up - band style! Check out this sweet ride:
(take me on tour!)
We had some burrs and nachos at Sneaky D's. We devoured that shit.
Peep this sweet night-mode setting on H. Brooks' camera, yo:
On the way home, hungover and tired as balls, we played plenty of Would You rather - Kenan style (NO HOLDING BACK)
..we learned alot about eachother...

I arrived back in Ottawa with just enough time to do a study review sesh for my LAST exam that I successful wrote tonight at 7. WHIRLWIND MAYHAM!

So in all, it was a fucking successful mish. Let's just say, if the past two days was any indication into how this summer will turn out, I'd say little Joey's life might just be lookin' up.

Let's jam.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer's coming, I can feel it.

My favourite muse: Jason Scott Anderson, my 4 year old brother.

Jetpack and goggles; ready for take off.

Playing outside; trucks are his favourite

Ruffy; the best dog in the world; bike rides.

Icon: spider man; my real life hero.

I want to be four again.

Be my friend

I saw Plants and Animals a few weeks ago at a show at Ottawa U put on by my lovely friend, The Art Coordinator. Plants and Animals are a lovely little trio from our neighbour on the Quebec side, Montreal. This song's amazing. Also check our Faerie Dance and Lola Who?


What is that?

Pancit or '"Pansit"' is a stir-fried noodle dish common in the Philippines of Chinese origin. This food is second in popularity to rice in the country, and is similar to yakisoba and yakiudon, Japanese-style stir-fried noodles.

I had no idea.

Give me your eyes

Sometimes cover suck.
This one does not.

Her Space Holiday is a cute, indie-pop band that did a cover of one of my FAVOURITE songs ever. Their rendition of "I'll beleive in anything" by Wolf Parade is incredible. It is definitely worth turning up loud, loud, and listening to over and over and over again.'ll%20Believe%20In%20Anything%20(Wolf%20Parade%20cover).mp3

ps: i am struggling, someone PLEASE tell me how to properly add music links to my blog! MP3s!! how how how???!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sew a button on my shirt

I feel like disintegrating right now
into my own world
made up of your arms
and my eyes:
seeing our
clothes strewn across the kitchen floor,
with empty picture frames on my lap;
photos dress my naked fingertips
taken of
you in my movie
in an old theatre
where the crowd is small;

I escape into a world of dinosaurs and train wrecks

Volume II

Miracle Fortress.
So good.

Mid-study escape

I totally feel like disintegrating right now. Like, into my carpet or something - except not cause I wouldn't want to know what kind of organisms are hiding beneath those little rungs.

Either way, I'm stoked for Tuesday. Kay, so YEAH I still have to write two exams, one on Tuesday morning, and the other Wednesday night, I'm going on a little getaway aventure aves mes deux tres jolie amies!!


We're driving. Well, I'm driving, despite the fact that my right wheel bearrings need replacing, my cracked windsheild, and my duct-taped rear window. WHATEVER! Those are just minor setbacks!

Watch out little Toronto!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

North American meets South American

Pretty stoked on NASA and the kind of art they are creating. They bring together some amazing artists, mixing jams from genres you never thought could jive together. They seem like pretty legit dudes that are whole-heartedly stoked on making dece beats.

This video for "Money" features artwork by "obey", which is cool to see such recognizable artwork in a music video.


Day Caller Returns

KAY seriously, get back on track!

I know, I know, where the fuck have I been? (like everyone's been wondering, eh?)
Well, the interweb's been pretty sad without me (hardly), so I guess I'd better start blogging before...

not sure what the consequences will be, however, here's to new beginnings,

or at least finishing what I started.

- Joey