Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Japan, Japan!

original photo cred: Paul LeCdm

Listened to old Japanther today cause they were underneath the Japandroids on my iPod. SO decided to search them and see what they've been up to - anything new?

Check it - it's pretty rad, super catchy and dancey, like er'thang else they got pumpin' through my speakers.

I'm always a fan of covers, so here ya' go! (sorry I couldn't find a better link)

Speaking of The Cure, this is probably one of my favourite songs by them:

The Cure - Close to Me

FUCK YAH! Another Cure cover. I may have blogged about this band a fucking long ass time ago. WHY? They're rad and weird, and I was into them for a while. I like this song. Mellow out and listen after you've danced you hearts out from the two previous songs.


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