Sunday, July 26, 2009


im so tired
my blog lacks substance

i have been going non stop for weeks now. toronto last week, party this weekend, montreal next weekend.

i have nothing good to say right now.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


runny nose
nose bleeds
gushed from the veins of a true believer –
hopeless romantic;

raining on our skin
thunderstorms through my bones
trucks pressed together
holding possessions;
so superficial.

imaginary love slept through
ticketed acoustic sets
got to get up to find meaning
laying face down on concrete;
so deceiving.

running legs
bloody elbows
gushed from the veins of a story maker –
hopelessly lost;

that's a sleepwalker's nightmare.

Felt different

Last night was the Flying Lotus show at Babylon. I hadn't been to Babylon in forever, and I was stoked to be there for this show. It was a good time, lots of people there, but not too packed with annoying kids. From Cali, this DJ spun original beats that made me feel like I wasn't partying in Ottawa - too sick.

Ottawa Style Mag was there too snapping photos for the magazine as well as for their blog. I met Tracie last night, check out her fashion blog at

Check out Flying Lotus' myspace for a taste of sex.

i love thunderstorms

It's been a good two days off so far. Yesterday the sun was shining and the wind was blowing - perfect for sailing. I got to be on a boat aaaalll day, just swimming and tanning in Chelsea.

And today, waking up to a thunderstorm with the cool breeze hitting my skin while I'm still in bed - incredible. I love thunderstorms, and plan to stay in bed for as long as I possibly can today.