Saturday, April 10, 2010

Six am

Got woken up by a series of hilarious text messages from a friend on shrooms? It was quite entertaining:

April 10, 3:31 am
Bangin babes

April 10, 3:32 am
Not axtually but i did shrooms and wabnt to

April 10, 3:34 am
Si crazy itkd wicked

April 10, 3:38 am
It wuill never

April 10, 4:35 am

Anyway, now it's six o'clock in the morning, and I can hardly sleep.

This is the most beautiful track I have heard in a while; I wish I could find it in mp3 format. But for now, here it is as a Youtube clip.

PS (I fully stole this video from Enfants Seuls, but couldn't help it, it rules too hard.


brandon said...

because you're awesome, here's an mp3 of the youtube clip!

alexisalexis said...

AAAY! Great eh?