Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Brittanee. So lovely, adorable, shy, and hilarious. I like her; and her clothes. This girl might be shy, but she isn't when it comes to her style. Originally from Toronto, Slitt-nee is currently finishing her degree in law, while working at AA. Showing Ottawa what it means to be cute and stylish, Brittanee is one of my top fashion icon friends!

BEST! Floral dress belted, fedora.

Favourite sea-foam Ray-ban style sunglasses, and leather (might be Eggy's); in Montreal sporting the middle part.

Hand-shredded cropped tee!

black crinoline skirt, gray tank, feather neckalce, and grey bomber; bangs.


Alexis! said...

WHOA hi feather necklace. I like this girl too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful girl...great personality

hayley b. said...

that feather necklace is amazing.