Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is my friend, Kat. She is beautiful and I love her style. She is in her first year at La Salle College in Montreal for Fashion Marketing. Her style is an inspiration to me - she is so creative and adventurous with everything she wears, no matter the time of day. Here are a few of my favourite looks of Katrina's.

Barret, poncho, leather gloves, and knitted circle scarf - out to breakfast at Bagels Etc. in Montreal.

Grey tank, paired with black jeans with zippers up the backs from Urban, and vintage earrings, enjoying drinks on my roof.

Men's denim shirt over floral shorts and basic bodysuit, blue thigh-highs, and classic Ray-bans. Enjoying the weather on Laurel's roof.

Princess Kitty on her birthday. (Photo by her roommate, Flo, I believe)

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Anonymous said...

she looks like an 8 year old boy with a lesbian haircut whose parents can only afford to shop in the "looks like its from urban outfitters" section of a thrift store. super cool.