Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a beautiful day

..let's start if off with beautiful music.

I just bought Volcano Choir's album, Unmap. It. Is. Incredible. But what did I expect? Anything that Justin Vernon touches turns to gold - IS gold. The men of Volcano Choir are talented in a way other musicians only dream of being. Please buy their album, if there is one thing you do as a blog-reader, music-lover. Buy this album. :)

Broken Bells - The High Road

I also recently bought Broken Bells' debut album, and have yet to be blown away. I am happy with the outcome of James Mercer (lead singer from The Shins) and Danger Mouse joining their musical forces, however I would not place this album on any sort of list of 2010's best. I think it's because I hold James Mercer on such a high pedestal, that I found his new side-project just could not match up. Oh well, it's still exciting to hear something new.

The Cinematic Orchestra ft Patrick Watson - To Build a Home

I don't listen to a lot of Patrick Watson, but this track with The Cinematic Orchestra is really awesome. I like it. Enjoy please.

The Drums - Down by the Water

This album totally rules, and has slowly become my go-to for summer-anticipation music. This is my favourite track on The Drums' "Summertime!" LP, but check out "Let's go Surfing," and tell me if you don't get roweled up and ready to get 40 degree weather going!!

Enjoy this wonderful day, please.

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B. said...

Hey Joey! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's a seed right now, but one day it will grow into a tree. So each visitor is like water helping it to grow ;) Doing the mixpod thang: Go to, search your song, once you get the results you'll see the word 'share' listed just below the song title. Click on share and it will give you the embed code. I also really like, who I have used for my last few posts. Check them out.

PS Daycallyer reminds of the REM song 'daysleeper', which contains the great line " Dont wake me/ With so much".