Monday, April 12, 2010

beautiful thinking

Minds grim with nihilism still find first light inspiring. Mild pink in tint, its shining twilight brings bright tidings which lift sinking spirits. With firm will, I finish climbing, hiking till I find this inviting inn, in which I might sit, dining. I thirst. I bid girls bring stiff drinks -- gin fizz which I might sip whilst finishing this rich dish, nibbling its tidbits: ribs with wings in chili, figs with kiwis in icing. I swig citric drinks with vim, tippling kirsch, imbibing it till, giggling, I flirt with girlish virgins in miniskirts:
wink, wink. I miss living in sin, pinching thighs, kissing lips pink with lipstick.

from Christian Bok's volume of poetry titled Eunoia, in which each chapter uses one single vowel only. I've only read the chapter of "I", and it is beautiful. I must get my hands on this book. (birthday present??)


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Joey said...

I thought you would! the whole chapter you would adore!

hayley b. said...

this is dumbfounding. amaazeballs.