Monday, May 26, 2008

your garbage is someone else's treasure!

Is your closet overflowing with jackets, sweaters, and pants? Can you barely close the drawers to your cupboard due to spewage of t-shirts and old tights? Do you SWEAR you will one day wear that vintage New Kids on the Block t-shirt that you just had to get because it cost you less than a twoonie? Does that knit cardigan from Grannie still lay in that pink birthday bag, hidden behind a pile of old jeans?


Every few months, I go on a cleaning rampage, getting rid of those clothes that just take up space in my already-too-small bedroom. Parting with those old, overworn (or underworn!) clothes can feel great!

What a better way to get rid of your unneeded clothing than at the 'Get Dressed' clothing exchange this Wednesday at Babylon night club! The event is put on by Cynthia (owner of the late Attic, I'm pretty sure) and begins at 9pm. There will be tons of racks, tables and floor space to display clothing, shoes, and accessories.

You will feel great ridding yourself of out done outfits, and pleasantly surprised at the wonderful treasures you will find in someone else's garbage!

(You can Facebook the event 'Get Dressed' and there will be complete details on that page)

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