Friday, May 23, 2008

belts are a girl's best friend

Accessories - quite the obsession for this little one over here. I have countless headbands, more than enough bags, purses, and clutches, and about a billion belts! I just find everything looks so much better belted. Can you not agree?

A plain tee tucked into a pair of mid-rise jeans - skinny belt, please. Oversized t-shirt dress - fat belt with a big buckle works. Or a high-waisted skirt over a slim blouse looks complete with that patent leather number right in the middle. Thank you belts for being the missing peice in every one of my outfits.

Above: An amazing find from (the late) Attic. Pink croc-skin and 'gold' hardware? I think I just wet my panties a little...

OH look at that bling shine! My all-time favourite belt. Thank you VV for handing over a beautiful gem.

This is pretty 80's inspired with the way it stretches and slings! OH, lovely links, how I adore thee.

To be honest, I forgot I had this belt. I'm always so uncertain about brown, because I just don't know how to wear earthy colours, but with this outfit, the belt actually works.

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we saved latin said...

im glad we went belt shopping, lets go again soon.