Wednesday, May 21, 2008

saving the world, one handbag at a time!

Eight years ago, a superhero among superheroes entered onto the fashion scene. Inder Bedi had a vision that went beyond fashion, and with his concept of MATT & NAT, he devised the 'positivity message', that unites the spiritual and material. Located in the always stylish, but mostly trend-following, city of Montreal, Bedi's minions are hard at work creating accessory masterpieces that will inspire the world. All of his bags, for both men and women, are not only unique and original, but animal friendly as well. Each bag is labeled with an inspiring message: 'choose life/choose positivity/choose the golden rule/choose to be at peace with yourself/choose salvation.' Made with true vegan leathers, faux suedes, and 'vintage' hard goods, MATT&NAT is truly a brand unique to itself.

The bags range from $70 to $250 in price, but when supporting such an amazing idea, how can anyone argue with the price?

(for those of us who can, MATT & NAT can be found at Winners for almost half the price!)


silvermist said...

OMG, I have fallen in love with the yellow one. Too bad I am a broke teen.....

we saved latin said...

my wallet is matt&nat!!
h brooks bought it for me and i love it.