Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a little alternative?

Okay, so my friend Szeto (http://www.szetoszeto.blogspot.com/) commented on the 'room for two' post. He isn't too convinced on the wide-leg trouser (at least not yet) but he DID show me some alternatives to the skinny pant that he doesn't mind so much!

The first picture is similar to the wide-leg pants I'm into. He describes this look as "a really SOLID relaxed fit". It's true, this girl does pull off a 'relaxed fit' really well, and I'm into her thrown-together look. (note: her high-waisted belt!)

Second image is how Szeto wants his wife to dress at 40 - that whole business-chic look. He seems to accept the wide-leg capri's better than a full pant. Yeah, I'm not into these capris. Maybe when I'm 40?

But cute shoes for sure!

(notice the guy checkin' her out - that is TOTALLY creepy Szeto steeze!)

Third picture is like an inverted wide-pant; starting wide at the top, and working its way skinnier towards the ankle. This would have to be my favourite alternative out of the three, just because it's the most different. I like how the pants have a slightly higher rise, and are accessorized with a fat belt. Also, the detailing at the bottom near the ankle is super cute.
I'd be interested to see how a garment like these could be integrated into my own wardrobe.

In all, I enjoy anything that's different, new, and cutting edge. It's no doubt (as Szeto pointed out) that, even with the introduction of the wide-leg trouser, the skinny pant still has quite a ways to go before it's completely cut out - and trust me, I'm don't think I'm ready to see my life without then just yet!
Thanks Szeto for that little excerpt!


we saved latin said...


the third ones the best.

and i hope i'm that hot when i'm forty!

szeto said...

"notice the guy checkin' her out - that is TOTALLY creepy Szeto steeze!" - thanks jes... gah :P