Friday, May 23, 2008

Room for two

After years of the straight, slim, skinny, and skinnier pant, now emerges from the dark corners of the runway, a different type of pant - the wide-leg trouser!


No, please, do not go running and screaming into a corner biting your nails out of fear. There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to wide leg pants! Just look how lovely Keira looks strolling down this stoned-path in her high-waisted, double-buttoned denim trousers! (thank you Keira, for converting the unbrave)

Now, for me, it's either one extreme or the other: I'll either do a super skinny pant, or an extreme wide-leg trouser (or no pants at all, but that's a whole different blog in itself!). Any thing in between just doens't make sense to me. It is, after all, about making the statement.

Please, ladies, be careful when choosing your fit. Wide-leg pants must sit fitted at the waist and butt, and then instantly widen from the thighs down. I can't even stand to post this picture of Jessica Simpson - it makes me cringe. To me, it's just all wrong. Perhaps it's the combination of the fit plus the material that's not working for me?

Thank you MK for releiving me of that awful Jessica moment. OU, this Olsen twin's pant-and-belt combo make me envious!
Honestly, these pants are SO comfortable (and breezy) it's a close tie to leggings. Yes, I know, hard to believe anything could compare to the almost-nothing legging. It's incredible.


szeto said...

wide leg is sooo wierd. i dunno. i am a minimalist. the widening of pants from your thighs down, is soo unnecessary! hahaha the skinny pant thing is gonna last for a good while longer i think. but with that said i did do some research and here are some of what i deem to be acceptable and good wide panted fits:

this one is wide up top and gets narrow near the bottom. it's full safari steez and i find it rather refreshing:

this is pretty good. haha it's like a pro pair of capris which are rather wide. WIDE trousers are rad in full professional getups. i think its mostly because if a girl is wearing like a suit on top, the whole persona behind the outfit just kind of shows through really strong (i am not sure if that made sense, but i am sure you catch my vibe haha)
as a side note - i hope my wife dresses like this when she is forty:

A REALLY SOLID relaxed fit! this girl works it sooooooooo well:

ps. no homo. haha this is d'ang right?

szeto said...

ps. selma hayek looks really good. and tell doug to update his shit.