Tuesday, October 14, 2008

friday night, and i ain't got nobody

Thanksgiving reunine, and we start the eve off pretty strong. Drinks all around, and crashin' lil bro's party. That's how we do, right?

It's all finger nails and faces. cute

The night progressed with a jam out to RockBand. Not gonna lie, we kicked those little 16yr olds outta there pretty quick (they were smokin a joint in the backyard, btw. kids these days.)

I call us X-treme 4ce feild. Peep that!

We were really into it.

Our competition:

"Hurrican Jane"-Balck Kids

side note: never start a band with me.


we saved latin said...

haha never start a band with jes
she gives up the second shit gets tough.
ilu though.
ps im buying rockband next paycheck.
you better be down for rock band nights.

jes said...