Wednesday, October 15, 2008

oh, life


I'm allowing myself this short break from studying for my soc. exam to post a few nice little videos.

"Fans - Kings of Leon"

I know they've got a new album, trust me, I've heard it, over and over and over again on repeat on my iPod. But this is an old fave that just sends my little heart a flutter!

Lucky Sam Fran who gets to see them live in Boston. Grr.

Also, this is from about month ago, and I just re-discovered it while browsing my pics. How much do I love her? (


4 comments: said...

Oh boy.

we saved latin said...

really really not a fan of me in that video.
i would hate me if i saw me drunk. lol but on the bright side i love you.

we saved latin said...

oh and im gonna add that it was my birthday, so being extremely inebriated was a must.

jes said...

i know
and i love you in it! haha
we were having the greatest time right in that moment!