Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cut it out

Today was an awesome Thursday. Another beautiful day, and I luckily had the whole afternoon to do whatever I wanted! I woke up at a decent time without the help of an alarm clock, and spent the morning eating leftover Chinese food, cleaning the house, and hanging out with my roommate. Then I met up with my friend and roamed around centertown taking photos of things and people.

This is the busted up cassette tape that I found in a parking lot and pocketed. I like it, but it smells like garbage.

We then came back to my house and made paper airplanes for about half an hour trying to find my favourite style of plane.

I decided I liked the classic "arrow plane" the best!

Photos from our film camera-adventure will be posted later later.

I also made friends with a gentleman with a dark room...

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