Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sitting at home, at my desk, drinking delicious tea while jamming to Roky Erickson. I like him. I'm happy I remembered about him.

Roky Erickson - Bloody Hammer

You should read about Roky on The Selvedge Yard. I love this blog so so much, and was turned onto it by my friend Zach, and have been sharing it with everyone I know ever since! I am obsessed with the culture and time periods they cover. The pictures and footage they post is incredible; it makes me wonder how they got their hands on some of the images. Check it out and love it a lot.

Having a roommate that works at Value Village sometimes turns into an evening of being spoiled with vintage goodies. Check out this amazing tan suede bomber I got there last night! I am kind of sitting around in it right now, overheating, but feeling like a total babe. (please ignore the fact that I am wearing jogging pants..)

Okay, I think I've got to go pee now after all of this tea!

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