Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Would you rather...

...get locked out of your car at a service station in Butt-fuck-seagull-shitland somewhere between Toronto and Ottawa
OR mission 5 hours to see a band play in the nose bleed section of a sold out concert theater??


AH Kings of Leon trip was fabulous! Road tripping is sooo much fun, especially when done under a time crunch, with 3 of the funniest ladies that could ever exist.

let's document:

so, basically, I woke up Tuesday morning, went to school, wrote an english exam, and then picked up H. Brooks and Mado, and peaced down the 401. We arrived to Kenan's with just enough time to spare to buy liquor in the gay district in T.O. (which, by the way, is suuuper clean!!)
KAY so, YEAH we were in the nosebleeds, but fuck, were they amazing live. Such good sound, and so legit as entertainers! CALEB IS SO FUCKING HAWT (spell check doesn't pick up on cool slang that the kids r usin' these days.)

I was thouroughly impressed at the Toronto crowd. They know what's up - EVERYONE was standing. EVEN IN THE FUCKING 300 LEVEL!! That's legit.

KAY so then after the show, we went back to Kenan's (UM I subwayed for the first time - TORONTO TOURISTE!) The amazing Kellan Lindsay then picked us ladies up - band style! Check out this sweet ride:
(take me on tour!)
We had some burrs and nachos at Sneaky D's. We devoured that shit.
Peep this sweet night-mode setting on H. Brooks' camera, yo:
On the way home, hungover and tired as balls, we played plenty of Would You rather - Kenan style (NO HOLDING BACK)
..we learned alot about eachother...

I arrived back in Ottawa with just enough time to do a study review sesh for my LAST exam that I successful wrote tonight at 7. WHIRLWIND MAYHAM!

So in all, it was a fucking successful mish. Let's just say, if the past two days was any indication into how this summer will turn out, I'd say little Joey's life might just be lookin' up.

Let's jam.

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