Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Acorn, missing Ottawa

While browsing Paper Bag Records' list of artists signed to their label, I came across the beautifully-written description of Ottawa-based band, The Acorn. Paper Bag's introduction to the band and their origin from my hometown made me miss Canada's beautiful capital city.

Despite Ottawa being pigeon-holed as a boring government town, its quaint presence and "rural origins linger, drenched in woodsmoke, bar-brawls and glinting saw blades" (Paper Bag Records). The culture doesn't hit you in the face as you enter the city, but being deep within it was much more rewarding.

While living in Ottawa, I created a very close bond with the arts and music culture that the city had to offer. Artists and musicians from the small city were always being compared to those living and working out of Montreal, or Toronto, and although Ottawa is a much smaller pond, I never felt uninspired by the artists I was surrounded with.

Enjoy this video and song by fellow Ottawaians, The Acorn.

Also, great video directed by talented filmmaker, Graham Rapsey.

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