Monday, November 12, 2012

Ora Leather Bags

I'm in love with Ora Leather Bags, an amazing line that uses both new and vintage leathers to handmake each of their bags. Each bag is designed and manufactured by Randi Obenauer in the west coast of Canada. I always get more amped on a line or designer when I find out they are Canadian.

I also love the added bonus of a line that is (mostly) unisex.

Not to mention the video for Ora's FW12 collection is adorable and awesome, and on top of it, the song rules. I immediately looked into the band featured in the video. Night Beats are from Seattle, Washington, and their sound has been described as 'psychedelic, garage, soul.' Into it.

Although I can't afford and Ora bag (just yet), I was able to find something similar (but definitely not as beautiful) this past weekend as Durumi. It's a cute, army green canvas back pack with leather detailing. It gets the job done, and for now, my Night Beats dreams of Ora Leather Bags will have to do.


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