Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen of the night,
Canada Day is fast approaching, and we can feel the city scramble as they rush to get themselves suited up for the big festivities! I know my Thursday evening attire is currently being fine-tuned.

Babylon is going to be bursting with boys and girls with no faces - eep! Just the way we like 'em! Come by after the fireworks, after deadmau5, after you've gotten nice and sloppy in your backyard - but be prepared for a rager. DJs Sir Ett and Gregular of the SnobMob will be serving you some decadent beats on a shiny silver platter, dripping in sweat and alcohol. YUM!

'Nuff said. Be there.

Babylon Nightclub - 317 Bank St.
11 pm
$3 with a mask; $5 without

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