Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Mondays are nice. I like Mondays. Especially when you start the day by talking to someone who puts a smile on your face. That helps to make any day of the week feel like Thursday (that's my favourite day, I think). And Mondays are always great when you end them with awesome hang outs with the greatest girls ever. I went for Vietnamese with Slitt and Eggy, and then after spending the rest of our lives in Shoppers, decided to die my hair. Yup, I've got me some red hairs now. COOL!!

Mondays are the MOST best when they are ended by listening to great music. My friend M. Tamblyn shared a pretty amazing video with me tonight. Check out the video for For Agent 13 by the Besnard Lakes. I don't really know much else about them, other than they are Canadian, and from Montreal. Check out the video - I enjoy the original concept, and the potential for the images to have meaning. I find most music videos don't offer the potential for images to create an emotional connection with their story line. ANYWAYS! Blah, blah - watch it!

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